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Marvel Snap Best 1 Cost Card Tier List 2023

Best 1 Cost Card Tier List:-So, welcome back once again, we know that very well, 1 cost cards play an important role in the Marvel Snap game. These cards are not as strong and powerful as higher level cards like 5 and 6-cost cards, but they are still very effective and determine the output of most of the decks and builds like control, Moomgirl+Dino Combo, and  Disrupt Deck.

As we know each and everything actually needs a proper and solid foundation to make something worth like META in games. That’s where 1 cost cards come into place and work beautifully in Marvel Snap. 

In this post of Best 1 cost card tier list, I’ll give and list out the best 1 cost or low-cost card in the game which can be used in any deck or combo throughout your journey to INFINITE. I have researched, tested and verified all 1 cost card one by one to give you my final assessment on the early game card. Here is the tier list of 1 cost card in the marvel snap:- 


Nightcrawler is perhaps the best 1 cost card in the marvel snap game itself. There are plenty of other cards available that compete with nightcrawler but most of the time Nightcrawler wins with more value and flexibility. First of all,  it’s the most F2P-friendly card in the game. You will get it free of cost in the very early stage of the game. 

Well, let’s get back to its value and abilities. I assume you are already well aware of the abilities of the nightcrawler. If we classify this card from the core of its mechanism then we can say, It’s actually a movement card. It can be super powerful in the early stage of the game to plan your next move easily as it remains unaffected by the location debuff most f the time because of the movement perk.

Nightcrawler can be used in any team, deck and combo. Nightcrawler is the most usable and workable card in the marvel snap universe. Nightcrawler is the most popular and famous card in the marvel snap community. Nightcrawler offers the best movement utility and flexibility to any combo and deck. Nightcrawler can make a space in location for you to make your next move with a proper plan. 

As you see, Being a 1-cost card Nightcrawler provides massive and huge utility to any deck and combo. I would love to suggest that Nightcrawler should be added to your deck as it’s almost needed in all combos and decks. 


Perhaps one of the most underrated cards in the marvel snap. If you are going to run a hungry resource deck that needs loads of high cost to execute the plan and cards. Then you will definitely need Sunspot in your hand. 

You can start the game with Sunspot at the very beginning of the game. It costs only 1 point and power up as the game progress. It can reach up to 12 or 15 points when the game reaches the last stage but remember being a 1-cost card it can be destroyed by Killmonger. Rest, Sunspot is a very powerful and undisputed champ if you know how to use it properly. 


Like Nightcrawler, Iron Fist is another movement card in the Marvel Snap. First of all, if you think Ironfist only works with movement-oriented decks then that is actually not 100% true. Yes, I agree it shines a lot inside movement oriented deck where you wish to utilise the movement cards at their best! 

It can also help you and save your lazy ass in dangerous conditions and also give 100% security from storms etc. Ironfist performs way better in a hybrid role where you use this card with a double approach of offence and defence altogether in the complete run. 


It provides a decent buff to other cards if planned and executed correctly. It works very nicely with movement cards like iron fist and nightcrawler where you can place the card to get +2 power and move to the other location. It’s not limited to movement decks only it works really nicely with the control and disruption deck combo too. I personally used angela’s card in Kazu deck, disruption, double dino and negative and believe me it performs really well. 

There are a few more notable 1-cost cards available to use in your journey to infinite. It will definitely depend on the pool too. But I have included only the best one to date to use in any of the decks and combo. 

Iceman, Yondu and Rocket can be very handy but not as flexible as Nightcrawler, Fist, Angela etc. Elektra and Korg, both of them mess with opponents and provide decent value in your favour. 

These cards may be limited to some specific decks and may not be worth in long journey to infinite. But still, I would love to recommend that try different combos and decks. You may find Yondu is more powerful compared to other 1-cost cards for your deck. I have done lots of testing on these cards to give my final evaluation. You may go test and try all 1 cost cards in your deck to find out which works best for you. 

All of these cards work very smoothly and can be used in any deck with an awesome success rate. Don’t expect to win every game and change your deck, cards and planning all the time. I hope you will learn a bit more about 1 cost card from this blog post. Let me know in the comment section if I have missed any other 1 cost card in the above post.

If you want to reach infinite rank with pool 1 within no time you can check out our beginners to infinite easy way deck guide. 

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