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Love & Sex Second Base – List of Console Commands

Release Date: March 27, 2020
Developer: Andrealphus Games
Publisher: Andrealphus Games

As Love & Sex: Second Base transitions out of Early Access, it’s crucial to provide an updated guide for players. This guide will help you access console commands, allowing you to earn achievements, bypass in-game limitations, and address potential issues or glitches within the game. Let’s dive right into it.

Love & Sex Second Base – Getting Started

To begin, you’ll need to locate the game’s installation directory and find the file named “00console.rpy”. Please be careful to distinguish between “00” and “OO,” as well as “rpy” and “rpyc”. The typical file path is as follows:

shellCopy code


Open the “00console.rpy” file using a text editor like Notepad, Notepad++, or Visual Studio (Notepad++ is recommended for ease of use).

Within the file, navigate to line 108, where you’ll find the following line of code:

pythonCopy code

console.config = False

Modify this line to:

pythonCopy code

console.config = True

Once the modification is done, save the file.

Now, launch the game and press Shift+O to access the console.

Ensure that you’re not in any submenus or sub-sections of the game when making changes through the console to avoid progress resets. For example, avoid accessing the Shop or Item menus during the process.

Love & Sex Second Base – Manipulating Game Parameters

Here are some of the most commonly used console commands to manipulate various in-game parameters:


pythonCopy code


pythonCopy code

game.hour=X (1-24) game.week_day=1 (Monday=1|Sunday=7) (1-30 Day of the Month) game.season=3 (0=spring|1=summer|2=Fall|3=Winter)

MC Stats

Adjust these parameters to your preference:

pythonCopy code hero.grooming.max=x hero.grooming.min=x hero.grooming=x hero.hunger.max=x hero.hunger.mix=x hero.hunger=x hero.charm.max=x hero.charm=x hero.knowledge.max=x hero.knowledge=x hero.luck=x

Love & Sex Second Base Skills

You can change the values to -100 to remove a skill:

pythonCopy code

hero.skills.hung.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.low_libido.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.high_libido.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.no_sleep.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.iron_stomach.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.sneaky.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.workaholic.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.bookworm.__iadd(100) hero.skills.video_games.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.martial_arts.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.shooting.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.foodie.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.shibari.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.guitar.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.massage.__iadd__(100) hero.skills.fertility_assessment.__iadd__(100)

Girls Stats

To personalize commands, replace “name” with the girl’s name:

pythonCopy code

name.sub=x (1:1 Can be set to negative) name.sub.max=x (1:1 Can be set to negative) name.sub.min=x (1:1 Can be set to negative) (2:1) (2:1) (2:1) name.lesbian=x (1:5) name.lesbian.max=x (1:5) name.lesbian.min=x (1:5) kylie.yandere=x (1:1) kylie.yandere.max=x (1:1 Setting this value to 20 SHOULD effectively let you have Kylie in your game without her ever snapping) kylie.yandere.min=x (1:1) morgan.male=x (1:1) morgan.male.max=x (1:1) morgan.male.min=x (1:1)


That covers everything for this Love & Sex: Second Base console commands guide. This guide is originally created and written by Modest. For the latest updates, please refer to this link.

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