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How to Get Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen? | Lords of the Fallen Umbral Scouring

Umbral Scouring is a valuable resource in Lords of the Fallen. It can be used to purchase new weapons, armor, and spells from merchants. It can also be used to upgrade your existing weapons and armor.

Here are the ways to get Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen:

  • Defeating bosses: Defeating bosses is the most guaranteed way to get Umbral Scouring. Each boss will drop a certain amount of Umbral Scouring, and the amount will increase as you progress through the game.
  • Interacting with Umbral echoes: Umbral echoes are the remnants of conversations between characters that have died. Interacting with Umbral echoes will give you a small amount of Umbral Scouring, but it is still a good way to get some extra Umbral Scouring, especially early in the game.
  • Farming Umbral enemies: Umbral enemies are special enemies that can be found throughout the game. They are more difficult than regular enemies, but they also drop a larger amount of Umbral Scouring. If you are looking to farm Umbral Scouring, then Umbral enemies are the best way to do it.

Here are some tips for farming Umbral Scouring:

  • Use the right weapon: Some weapons are more effective against Umbral enemies than others. For example, the Thorned Crimson Rector Sword is very effective against Umbral enemies, because it deals poison damage.
  • Upgrade your weapons: Upgrading your weapons will make them more effective against all enemies, including Umbral enemies.
  • Use your special abilities: Many weapons and armor have special abilities that can be used to deal more damage to enemies or to protect yourself from damage. Be sure to use your special abilities to your advantage when fighting Umbral enemies.

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