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Living Soul Osiris Guide – Sigils, Functors, Codes, Team

Welcome to the Living Soul Osiris Guide!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Living Soul of Osiris in Aether Gazer, where we will delve into the depths of this powerful character class and provide you with invaluable insights and strategies. The Living Soul of Osiris is a captivating and versatile class that excels in both offensive and supportive roles, making it a formidable force on the battlefield. Whether you’re new to this class or a seasoned player looking to enhance your gameplay, we’ve got you covered!

Introduction to the Living Soul of Osiris

The Living Soul of Osiris is a unique character class in Aether Gazer, drawing inspiration from ancient Egyptian mythology. This class harnesses the powers of life and death, wielding both restorative and destructive abilities with unparalleled finesse. As a Living Soul of Osiris, you have the ability to manipulate sigils, functors, and codes to shape the outcome of battles and support your team in various ways.

Summons a scythe to swing at the enemy dealing 196% (Max: 344%) Wind DMG.
While in Underworld Judgement, changes Basic attack to: Summons flying swords to continuously slash at the target, dealing 340% (Max: 595%) Wind DMG.

Dodge effect: Enter Zero Time and inflict Weaken on the attacker, lowering their ATK by 10% for 3 seconds.
While not in Underworld Judgement, Dodge DMGs enemies dealing 128% Wind DMG.

Deals 1000% + (25.64% x Osiris’s Ultimate Skill level) Wind DMG and 500% + (12.82% x Shu’s Ultimate Skill level) Wind DMG. Modifying Level becomes Ω on hit, and increases the entire team’s DMG by 10% + (0.2% x Osiris’s Ultimate Skill level) until Osiris’ Underworld Judgement ends.

Unveiling the Power of Sigils

Sigils are fundamental elements in the arsenal of a Living Soul of Osiris. These mystical symbols hold immense power and can be infused with different energies to influence the outcome of battles. Let’s explore some of the sigils commonly used by Living Souls of Osiris:

1. Sigil of Restoration

The Sigil of Restoration is a powerful symbol that channels life energy, allowing the Living Soul of Osiris to heal themselves and their allies. By focusing the energy of this sigil, you can mend wounds, cure ailments, and provide much-needed support during intense battles. Utilize the Sigil of Restoration strategically to turn the tide of a challenging encounter.

2. Sigil of Decay

In contrast to the restorative powers of the Sigil of Restoration, the Sigil of Decay embodies the essence of death and decay. This sigil enables the Living Soul of Osiris to unleash devastating attacks that sap the life force of enemies. By harnessing the Sigil of Decay, you can weaken foes, drain their vitality, and cripple their defenses. Use this sigil wisely to overpower your adversaries.

3. Sigil of Balance

The Sigil of Balance represents the delicate equilibrium between life and death. It grants the Living Soul of Osiris the ability to manipulate the forces of vitality and entropy simultaneously. With the Sigil of Balance, you can restore and harm, support and hinder, depending on the needs of the situation. This sigil offers versatility and adaptability, allowing you to excel in various combat scenarios.

Functors: Amplifying Your Power

Functors are specialized abilities that enhance the effects of sigils, granting the Living Soul of Osiris additional powers and amplifying their impact on the battlefield. Let’s delve into some notable functors utilized by Living Souls of Osiris:

1. Functor of Rejuvenation

The Functor of Rejuvenation synergizes with the Sigil of Restoration, bolstering its healing capabilities. When activated, this functor significantly increases the effectiveness of restorative spells, allowing you to heal larger amounts of health or cure more severe ailments. Use the Functor of Rejuvenation when your team requires substantial healing support.

2. Functor of Desolation

The Functor of Desolation complements the Sigil of Decay, augmenting its destructive potential. By activating this functor, your attacks infused with the Sigil of Decay become even more devastating, with increased damage and additional negative effects on enemies. Unleash the Functor of Desolation when you seek to annihilate your foes with relentless force.

3. Functor of Equilibrium

The Functor of Equilibrium synchronizes with the Sigil of Balance, empowering its dual nature. This functor enhances the effects of both restorative and destructive abilities, enabling you to heal and harm with heightened efficiency. The Functor of Equilibrium is invaluable when versatility and adaptability are essential in a battle.

Cracking the Codes

Codes are intricate combinations of sigils and functors that Living Souls of Osiris can utilize to unleash devastating and game-changing abilities. These codes require precise timing, careful planning, and a deep understanding of the synergies between sigils and functors. Here are a few notable codes that exemplify the potential of the Living Soul of Osiris:

1. Code of Eternal Renewal

The Code of Eternal Renewal combines the Sigil of Restoration with the Functor of Rejuvenation. By activating this code, you create a powerful aura of continuous healing, rejuvenating yourself and nearby allies over time. This code is exceptionally potent during prolonged battles or when facing enemies with relentless damage output.

2. Code of Eternal Decay

The Code of Eternal Decay merges the Sigil of Decay with the Functor of Desolation. When unleashed, this code engulfs your enemies in an unrelenting wave of decay, steadily draining their life force and reducing their effectiveness in combat. The Code of Eternal Decay is perfect for wearing down tanky opponents or weakening groups of adversaries.

3. Code of Harmonious Equilibrium

The Code of Harmonious Equilibrium combines the Sigil of Balance with the Functor of Equilibrium, striking a perfect balance between restoration and destruction. This code grants you exceptional adaptability, allowing you to seamlessly transition between supporting your team and unleashing devastating attacks on foes. The Code of Harmonious Equilibrium exemplifies the true versatility of the Living Soul of Osiris.

Team Strategies and Synergies of Living Soul of Despair Osiris

To maximize your effectiveness as a Living Soul of Osiris, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics of team play and synergize with your allies. Here are a few team strategies that can elevate your performance:

1. Supportive Healer

Utilize the Sigil of Restoration, Functor of Rejuvenation, and appropriate codes to fulfill the role of a dedicated healer. Focus on keeping your teammates alive and in optimal fighting condition. Coordinate with your team to identify critical moments when your healing abilities can turn the tide of battle.

2. Offensive Caster

Embrace the destructive potential of the Sigil of Decay, Functor of Desolation, and devastating codes. Assume a more offensive role, inflicting heavy damage on priority targets and disrupting enemy strategies. Coordinate with your team to unleash your attacks at crucial moments, ensuring maximum impact.

3. Hybrid Support

Leverage the versatility of the Sigil of Balance, Functor of Equilibrium, and adaptable codes to adopt a hybrid support role. Combine healing and damage-dealing abilities as the situation demands, offering a balance between offense and defense. This approach allows you to flexibly adapt to the changing needs of your team throughout a battle.


The Living Soul of Osiris in Aether Gazer is a complex and dynamic character class that offers a plethora of strategic options. By harnessing the power of sigils, functors, codes, and synergizing with your team, you can become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Embrace the mystic powers bestowed upon you and unlock the true potential of the Living Soul of Osiris.

Best choice for dps IF you need someone to clear content while you have Skill issues.

Downside is you’re pretty much forced to run her with A Shu all the time to give her much higher Ult uptime. (Might’ve changed with S Thor’s release.)

Signature Functor gives her even more survivability and burst potential.

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