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Little Goody Two Shoes: All Golden Maidens (WIP) – Guide

Unlock the secrets to finding all Golden Maidens in your favorite game!

In the enchanting realm of gaming, embarking on quests and uncovering hidden treasures is a thrill like no other. If you’ve set your sights on collecting all the Golden Maidens in your virtual adventures, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will take you through the journey of discovering these elusive treasures, and we assure you, it’s a path well worth treading.

Sunday: In the Village

Golden Maiden 1: Kieferberg Entrance As the week begins, Sunday shines a light on the first Golden Maiden. Head to Kieferberg village, and right in front of the entrance, you’ll find the first girl. Her enchanting presence awaits, and the path to her heart is just a few steps away. Make your way up near the house in front of the village gate, and you’ll discover her beauty.

Golden Maiden 2: Passage to Woodlands The second maiden on this splendid day can be encountered before the passage to Woodlands. At the witching hour, venture forth to meet her. She’s nearby, and the thrill of the hunt will lead you to her.

Monday: Around the Village

Golden Maiden 3: Near the Well Monday ushers in another opportunity to seek the Golden Maidens. The third maiden is near the village well, waiting for a curious soul like you. As you explore the surroundings, keep an eye out for her and her radiant charm.

Golden Maiden 4: Eliza’s Garden If you have a taste for adventure, the fourth maiden is in Eliza’s garden. Delve into the wonders of her garden and unravel the mystery that lies within. Don’t forget to check the dress, for it’s a key to her heart. It’s on the way to the cave on the left side, a path easy to navigate.

Tuesday: Beyond the Village

Golden Maiden 5: Where Birds First Roam Tuesday introduces you to the fifth Golden Maiden. Your journey will take you to the left side, where you first encountered the “birds.” While those feathered creatures may have tested your patience, the Golden Maiden’s allure will make it all worthwhile. Go in the opposite direction, and you’ll find her waiting for you.

Golden Maiden 6: Right After the Maze The sixth maiden on Tuesday’s list can be found on the right side after completing the maze. As you navigate through this intriguing world, the path to her heart becomes clear. She’s a treasure worth discovering.

Wednesday: The Mill and the Maze

Golden Maiden 7: Near the Mill Wednesday brings you closer to your goal as you seek the seventh Golden Maiden. You’ll find her near the mill, and her presence adds another layer of magic to your journey. Explore the area, and she’ll reveal herself to you.

Golden Maiden 8: Inside the Maze The eighth maiden, as the day unfolds, can be found within the confines of the maze. Your pursuit, driven by the plot, leads you to her. Navigate through the maze’s twists and turns, and you’ll soon stand face to face with her beauty.

Now that we’ve unveiled the locations of these captivating Golden Maidens for each day of the week, it’s time for you to embark on your journey and seek their enchanting presence. Remember, this guide is a work in progress, so if you stumble upon golden maidens in other locations, we encourage you to share a screenshot in the comments or join the discussion. Together, we can make this guide even more comprehensive, helping fellow adventurers on their quest to find all Golden Maidens.

Happy hunting, and may your journey through this enchanting world be filled with wonder and discovery!

graph TD A[Sunday] B[Monday] C[Tuesday] D[Wednesday] E{Game World} A --> B --> C --> D --> E

Note: The information provided here is based on the current progress of the guide and the locations available at the time of writing. As the game evolves, new locations for Golden Maidens may become accessible, so be sure to stay updated and share your discoveries with the gaming community!

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