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Lethal Company: Bestiary Guide (WIP)

In the perilous world of Lethal Company, understanding the inhabitants of the Bestiary is crucial for survival. To help you navigate this treacherous terrain, we’ve put together an in-depth overview of the Bestiary’s denizens, their behaviors, and the hazards they pose. This Lethal Company Bestiary Guide is continuously evolving, with insights and knowledge gained through first-hand encounters. We’ll delve into Hazard Levels, creature descriptions, and offer valuable tips that go beyond the in-game Bestiary.

Hazard Levels Demystified

One of the first mysteries we encounter in Lethal Company is the enigmatic Hazard Levels. What do they signify, and how should you approach each level? While the exact meaning of Hazard Levels is unclear, our observations suggest that Level A is the most perilous. Thus, it’s prudent to be on high alert when traversing this level.

Uncovering the Bestiary

Danger Level 0%

Hoarding Bug

  • Neutral and inoffensive, this creature has a penchant for collecting objects and adorning its nest. However, be cautious in the Hive, as it may pilfer items from your grasp.

Roaming Locusts

  • Harmless and usually found near predators, these creatures pose no direct threat. They disperse when approached, preferring to avoid confrontations.

Manticoils (Bird)

  • Passive toward humans, Manticoils are generally docile. They exhibit no aggression unless provoked, making them a minor concern.

Hygrodere (Slime)

  • The Hygrodere is harmless if you can outpace it. It’s attracted to heat and oxygen, so use this knowledge to your advantage. If cornered, seek refuge on a tall object to evade it.

Danger Level 20%

Bunker Spiders

  • These arachnids wait for their silk threads to be disturbed. If caught off guard, they can freeze defensively. Their webs can be easily dismantled with blunt tools. Be cautious, as there is a kill-on-sight order issued for them. They are also known to use the vent system and can be heard waiting on walls to ambush prey.

Danger Level 30%

Snare Fleas (Ceiling Dwellers)

  • These creatures hang from ceilings and suffocate their victims. They thrive in dark, warm areas and tend to avoid open air and sunlight. Their exoskeletons are weak, making them vulnerable to blunt force.

Danger Level 50%

Forest Keepers

  • These creatures possess the ability to see over long distances. To avoid them, stay low and utilize cover. They cannot enter small spaces, so staying close to shelter or overhangs provides safety.

Stun Bomb?

  • Seen on Hazard Level A, the Stun Bomb warrants further investigation.

Danger Level 80%


  • These creatures are extremely unpredictable and highly dangerous. They halt their advance when under scrutiny, but they enter a lengthy reset mode when exposed to bright light or loud noises. They can be temporarily slowed down by closing a door, but they will eventually break through.

Stun Bomb?

  • Further study is needed regarding the use of Stun Bombs against Coil-Heads.

Danger Level 90%

Circuit Bees

  • Engaging the Circuit Hive alone is a high-risk endeavor. It’s recommended to have another individual distract the bees. The effectiveness of Stun Bombs against Circuit Bees is unverified.


  • The Jester is a unique and enigmatic creature. It tends to follow you, and when boxed, it becomes harmless. However, it can enter a frenzy that lasts approximately a minute, during which the music becomes more intense, and a monstrous entity emerges from the box.

Stun Bomb?

  • The Jester’s reaction to Stun Bombs warrants further investigation.


Eyeless Dogs

  • Regrettably, we’ve lost the log for these creatures, and their Danger Level remains uncertain. They often hunt in packs, relying on sound and their sense of smell to locate prey. Disabling radios and maintaining silence might prove effective.

Essential Observations and Tips

  1. Monsters typically start appearing outside around 5 pm, with sightings as early as 3 pm in poor weather conditions. This may be correlated with Hazard Levels.
  2. If you can hear the sand worm, keep running until the sound dissipates to evade it effectively.
  3. Scrap prices can vary, so keep an eye out for good deals.
  4. Utilize terminals to open secure doors, deactivate turrets, and defuse landmines. These can be invaluable for navigating the dangerous landscape.
  5. The Extendo Ladder can be used to cross pits, but be mindful of its timer before it resets.
  6. Beware of store drop pods, as they can crush you.
  7. You can order a ‘Survival Kit’ via the terminal, which includes 4 flashlights, 4 walkie-talkies, and 1 shovel to enhance your survival odds.

In conclusion, mastering the Bestiary in Lethal Company is a daunting yet essential task. We hope this Lethal Company Bestiary Guide provides valuable insights and aids in your survival in this perilous world. Our gratitude goes to Xerxeth for their excellent Lethal Company Bestiary Guide, and if this article proves helpful, please consider supporting and rating it within the Steam Community. Enjoy the game!

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