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Lethal Company: All Moons Guide

In the enigmatic realm of Lethal Company, the moons that orbit various planets have long been shrouded in mystery and intrigue. These celestial bodies, each with its unique characteristics and history, serve as a testament to the boundless curiosity and adventure that characterizes this enigmatic universe. In this in-depth guide, we’ll embark on a journey to unveil the secrets of these moons, shedding light on their locations, populations, and distinctive features.

The Company Building: Where Valuable Scrap Finds Its Home

Orbiting: 71-Gordion Population: Unknown Fauna: Unknown Conditions: No land masses. Continual storms.

The Company Building stands as a hub for intrepid explorers who seek to offload their hard-earned, valuable scrap collected during their missions. What sets this moon apart is the ever-fluctuating rate of return, updating hourly over several days. As such, it’s imperative for any seasoned adventurer to keep a close eye on this moon, as fortunes can change in the blink of an eye.

Experimentation: A Mysterious Abandoned Outpost

Orbiting: 41-Experimentation Population: Abandoned Fauna: Unknown. Dominated by a few species. Conditions: Arid. Low habitability, worsened by industrial artifacts.

Hidden away in the depths of space, Experimentation, with its arid conditions and low habitability, presents a desolate image. Abandoned and bearing the scars of industrial artifacts, this moon remained hidden for years due to its close orbit around the gas giant, Big Grin. Evidently, it held secrets, ones that beckon the curious to explore further.

Assurance and Its Rugged Twin

Orbiting: 220-Assurance Population: Abandoned Fauna: Unknown. Ecosystem supports territorial behavior. Conditions: Jagged and weathered terrain. Similar to its twin moon, 41-Experimentation, featuring far more jagged and weathered terrain.

Assurance, similar in many ways to Experimentation, boasts a harsh terrain characterized by jagged and weathered features. Both moons share a history of abandonment, but Assurance is notably younger, discovered not long before its counterpart, 41-Experimentation. The mysteries of these rugged twins invite intrepid explorers to decipher their tales.

The Enigmatic Vow: A Paradise Lost

Orbiting: 56-Vow Population: Abandoned Fauna: Diverse, teeming with plant-life. Conditions: Arid. Low habitability, worsened by industrial artifacts.

Vow, once teeming with life and diverse ecosystems, now stands as a haunting testament to its lost glory. Colonies once thrived across its continents, but today, an eerie silence blankets the land. The disappearance of life on Vow raises questions that beg for answers, making it a compelling destination for those who seek to uncover its secrets.

21-Offense: A Battleground for the Brave

Orbiting: 21-Offense Population: Abandoned Fauna: A competitive and toughened ecosystem supports aggressive lifeforms. Conditions: Jagged and weathered terrain. Believed to have splintered off from its cousin Assurance, Offense features similar jagged and dry conditions but differs in its ecosystem.

For the bold and daring, 21-Offense beckons with its competitive and aggressive ecosystem. Located in jagged terrain akin to Assurance, this asteroid moon carries a unique history, hinting at a distant past when it existed as a whole. Its industrial artifacts, scarred and worn, whisper stories of an era long gone.

The Overlooked March

Orbiting: 61-March Population: Abandoned Fauna: Unknown. Diverse. Conditions: Expansive. Constant rain. March undergoes constant drizzling weather. Its terrain is more expansive.

March, often overshadowed by its twin, Vow, offers an expansive and diverse terrain marked by constant rain. Its landscapes are extensive and its history, though not as apparent, still holds secrets waiting to be unveiled by intrepid explorers willing to delve deeper.

Rend: The Unforgiving Wasteland

Orbiting: 85-Rend Population: Unknown Fauna: It’s highly unlikely for complex life to exist here. Conditions: Its planet orbits white dwarf star, making for inhospitable, cold conditions. Constant blizzards decrease visibility.

Rend, in the shadow of a white dwarf star, exists as an inhospitable wasteland. The constant blizzards and bitter cold make it an unforgiving destination for any brave souls venturing into its depths. The notoriety of this moon lies in the tales of famous travelers who have gone missing in its chilling embrace, leaving their stories untold.

Dine: A Frigid Abyss

Orbiting: 7-Dine Population: Unknown Fauna: It’s highly unlikely for complex life to exist here. Conditions: Its planet orbits white dwarf star, making for inhospitable, cold conditions. Constant blizzards decrease visibility.

Dine, much like Rend, remains shrouded in the harsh conditions of a planet orbiting a white dwarf star. Its relentless blizzards and inhospitable cold deter all but the most daring. The moon’s reputation as the final resting place of famous travelers adds an aura of mystery to its desolation.

Titan: A Maze of Frozen Secrets

Orbiting: 8-Titan Population: Unknown Fauna: Dangerous entities have been rumored to take residence in the vast network of tunnels. Conditions: A frozen, flat landscape.

Titan, with its frozen, flat landscape, conceals a labyrinth of secrets within its vast network of tunnels. Rumors of dangerous entities lurking within make it a daunting prospect for explorers. Its history, once rooted in resource mining, hints at a complex industrial landscape, with many entrances scattered throughout the frozen expanse.

In conclusion, the moons of Lethal Company offer a diverse tapestry of exploration, each with its unique charm, history, and challenges. As you embark on your journey through these celestial bodies, remember that the secrets of the universe are yours to uncover. Happy exploring!

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