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Soulstone Survivors Characters- How to Unlock them all?

Soulstone Survivors, an upgraded version of Vampire Survivors in 3D, is a new survival game where you can choose from interesting 14 characters. These characters will help you fight against special bosses like Lords of the Void while mowing down wave after wave of mobs. Each character of this Action Roguelike game has unique skills and appeals to different play styles. It also features a bunch of secrets about how to unlock them. 

You will battle with monsters, collect loot, improve your selected character, and unlock more new characters to continue the game. However, if you need to learn how to open them, we are putting together a Soulstone Survivors Characters list and what you must do to get them. 

Let’s learn about the differences between each Soulstone Survivors Characters:

What are the differences between the characters?

There are two main differences between Soulstone Survivors’ characters: one is Cosmetic, and the other is Play Style. First, each individual looks utterly different from the next, so if you are the one who prides appearance overplay, you must pick the one that looks the best. However, if you prefer a particular play style, the difference between them will also interest you. Choose what is most vital for you and dive into play with one of the best characters. 

The Barbarian: The class where you begin

It is the default class you unlock from the beginning of the game.

Weapon: Barbaric Cleavers

Whirlwind- You can cause 110 damage to all enemies by spinning the weapon.

Stomp- Stomp the ground and cause 400 damage by applying Fragility and Stun to all the monsters around you. Fragility will increase the damage by 9% for 6 seconds, while stunned opponents cannot perform any action for 4 seconds. 

Weapon: Tribal War Axes

Double Slash- Slashing forward two times and you will end up causing a total of 80 damage, applying Bleed, which further deal 100 damage over ten seconds.

Throw Axe- Throwing an axe forward will hit the enemies and return to the current position, causing 100 damage. Also, apply Hemorrhage, dealing 300 damage over 10 seconds. For every meter the target moves, there is 40% extra damage from Hemorrhage. 

The Pyromancer: Wields fire magic

To unlock this character, beat a Lord of the Void in the scorching valley. 

Weapon: Pyromancer’s Firestarter 

Fire Slash- Sends a scorching cut forward that does 50 damage and burns for eight seconds, dealing a total of 170 damage.

Fire Walk- Leave a trail of flames behind you for six seconds, applying Burn every second to enemies standing in the fire. Burn causes 60 damage over 8 seconds.

Weapon: Firelord’s Ire

Combustion- Emit an aura of fire for six seconds and apply Burn to enemies near you every 0.5 seconds. The Burn will deal with 60 damage over 8 seconds. 

Flamethrower- Launch a continuous pillar of flames for 6 seconds and apply Melting every 0.25 seconds to enemies caught in the path. Melting will reduce armor by two and deal 75 damage over 8 seconds. 

The Arcane Weaver: Hold powerful magic

Unlock the Arcane Weaver by killing 50 Lords of the Void in total by performing this multiple runs. It can be difficult, but if you are a pro, don’t worry; it is just a matter of 50 kills. 

Weapon: Arcane Staff

Arcane Missiles- You can automatically fire two arcane missiles at a random target during the attack, dealing 60 damage in a small area. 

Arcane Explosion- Summon a sizeable mysterious explosion, dealing 350 damage and applying Exposed, which will increase the subsequent damage by 36% for 6 seconds or until consumed.

The Hound Master: A faithful companion 

Finish a match in less than 25 minutes and win the chance to unlock this character as your faithful companion.

Weapon: Rusted Blaster

Mortar Shot- Fires five mortar shots, each doing 30 damage and causing Bleed in the vicinity. Over ten seconds, Bleed inflicts 60 damage.

Bombardment- You can call down a Bombardment around your current position, and each bomb deals 220 damage in a large area. 

Weapon: Reflemen’s Vengeance

Buckshot- Sends out cone-shaped pellets in front of you, dealing 100 damage and putting Fragility on the target. The effect of Fragility increases all damage taken by 3% for six seconds.

Power Blast- Fires a strong blast in front of you that deals 150 damage and applies Disoriented. For eight seconds, Disoriented will increase your chance of receiving critical strikes by 10%.

Why are all the Soulstone Survivors Characters not unlocked by default?

Every gamer knows that discovering new characters, their secrets, and unlocking stuff is all part of the fun. Each character favors a different playstyle, and the core gameplay encourages you to explore everything the game offers. Get ready to play!!

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