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Guide: How to transfer Dinks or Money to your Friends in Dinkum?

Dinks are the currency for Dinkum Game. And, trust me, you will need them so much to play and win. There are many ways to figure out how to earn more money and bear your expenses. If you are someone who just started the Dinkum Game, then it will help you learn How to transfer Dinks or Money to your Friends in Dinkum?

Whenever you and your friend are on the same island as you in the Multiplayer Mode, you will need to hand over some Dinks to them. Or, you can do it by going to your inventory and clicking on the Dinks to select an amount. By doing this, you will be able to drop them on the ground by pressing the Q on the PC. The transfer will be completed once your friend picks up the Dinks from the Ground.

Dinkum: Where To Find Opals?

There are so many useful materials that can be found in the game and Opal is a blue, shiny gem that can be sold at John’s Goods for 15,000 Dinks each. These gemstones are really hard to find but there are multiple ways to get them. Wait for Rainy Weather and you will be able to find a thunderegg somewhere on your Island. They make an electrical noise, near your beach. Sell the egg to John after weighing it as the price is going to be determined after then. 

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