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How to Survive Endless Cycle Mode in Soulstone Survivors Prologue?

Different cycle modes of Soulstone Survivors open opportunities to unlock new classes. Chaoswalker and Legionnaire are two of them that can unlock only in Endless Cycle mode. To aim for these two classes, you must unlock the Endless Cycle first.

Let us tell you more about the Endless cycle. So, if you have experience in action games, you will be able to defeat all enemies at once without worrying about your character’s health. In this mode, you can use various strategies to survive, which means you can endlessly play the game. 

Our guide will show you how to unlock this Endless Cycle Mode in Soulmate Survivors. 

Move quickly

You may know that remaining in the same place is always a recipe for disaster in any game. Hence, always be in motion, as staying still will give your enemies a clean hit to you. If you’re not careful enough, spiders might land webs on you, and things will only get worse until the game over screen appears.

Additionally, upgrades in the Skill Tree give you access to extra dashes, which further help you get away from enemies and their attacks. 

Beat the Arena fast

You will not see the Endless Cycle mode in the menu unless you unlock it. If you want to, try finishing the Arena in under 13 minutes. So, try your luck by consistently following these tips to clear this 13-minute timeframe.

Choose the best- By upgrading your skill tree or abilities will not only help you unlock Endless mode but also survive it. 

Use the most powerful build- Your character needs a strong build in order to defeat all five bosses and other enemies in a single Arena. So, find the best build-in Soulmate Survivors to win. 

Upgrade your weapons- Discovering new or upgrading previous weapons is no doubt a smart move to survive in the game for a long time.

Choose better runes- Any build can be improved with runes that further enhance the abilities of your class. 

Upgrade your skill tree

A roguelike game needs constant upgradation to keep your mobility and health in line. There are numerous helpful nodes that offer you invaluable support throughout your endless run, such as enhancing the health restored by Health Crystals and gaining health upon leveling up. Hence, be sure to take some time and constantly upgrade your skills.

Make use of the Blacksmith

Better weapons mean better kills, which means easier enemies, and the Blacksmith provides you with the best alternative weapons if you have the suitable materials. It will increase your chance for better survival and change the gameplay of certain characters to make them more lethal.

Choose the right portal

Once you pass the Arena at the designated time, you will see three portals appearing in front of you: Blue, Red, and Purple. The blue one will finish the game, the Red one will take you to Overload mode, and Purple Portal will take you to the Endless Cycle. Hence, it would help if you chose the purple portal to unlock the cycle, and once it begins, you will enter the more difficult Arena. The circle will go on and on. 

Note: Endless Cycle 2 will unlock the Chaoswalker, and Endless Cycle 3 will open the Legionnaire. 

Decrease Screen Clutter

The game may get easier to navigate once you have a build that works for you and can quickly destroy enemies. And having a bunch of numbers on your screen can be overwhelming sometimes. If you’re unlucky, this could cause enemies to hit you and place you in a difficult situation.

You can increase gameplay visibility by going to your settings and disabling elements like damage totals, weapon effects, or enemy health bars to prevent this. A clearer screen means less chance of distractions. 

These are all the parameters you need to know how to unlock Endless Cycle in Soulstone Survivors. Following these steps will help you survive and tackle Lords of the Void. Be sure to get your game level up!

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