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How to solve a Bird in the Hand Ruins Puzzle in the Hogwarts Legacy?

The game is interesting with so many new things happening, like in the last post we just discussed how to save game in Hogwarts Legacy. Most of Poppy Sweeting’s quests in Hogwarts Legacy are simple to find whereas the Puzzle in A Bird in the Hand is quite difficult to find.

As we know Hogwarts Legacy already places its players in the shoes of a young 5th year student during their time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 😛Most of the main story needs the student to attend their classes, there is also a great deal of side content to experience if the player wishes.

This side quest required the player to assist Poppy Sweeting on her animal-rescuing ventures. Interestingly, while we are completing these relationship quests, Poppy will be revealing more about herself, and allowing the Protagonist to help her in endangered creatures. However, these Hogwarts Legacy quests are awesome to experience and on the other hand, the Moonstone Puzzle in the A Bird in the Hand Quests is going to be nerve-wracking.

How to Begin a Bird in the Hand?

To begin Poppy’s sweeting’s questline in the Hogwarts Legacy, players should firstly complete Professor Rackham’s Trial. Now, they will be given a chance to attend Professor Howin’s class on the magical creatures to officially meet Poppy.

How to Solve the Light and Darkness Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy?

You must first solve a challenging puzzle to open the way forward before the young students can infiltrate the way forward. Basically, this puzzle requires the protagonist to place the Moonstone at the center of the ring before they turn their attention to the two nearby pillars.

Apart from the Poppy’s remarks of Darkness and Light, the game does not explain what needs to be done. So, obviously you need to work harder.

And, you must equip the Accio spell to use it to relocate the pillars around the Moonstone. These pillars should be placed on some slots in order to open the door and the glowing symbols on the door to align.

The door will be opening once the outer pillar is placed on the southernmost slot and the inner pillar must be placed on the slot to the West. That’s all about the guide on How to Solve a Bird in the Hand Ruins Puzzle.

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