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VillageRhapsody: How to Make Money in the Game?

In the early days, everyone obtained money by cutting down trees.

After my test, the maximum amount of wood in a day is 1200, which is 2400 gold coins. If you are unlucky in mining one day , you will get 3 gold (3000) plus 1500 other ores. If you are lucky, you will get 4 gold. Start digging from the left side (the left side has more mines).

The task is to give priority to recommending potatoes, even if they are cheap, they can still be full.
Prepare 100 potatoes, get up together and go straight to the mine, dig all the mines, big and small mines don’t leak, small mines will drop gold, our purpose is to dig gold, generally after proficiency, just dig all the mines in one day, A day with bad luck will have 5000 gold coins, good luck will get 7000.

Cut bamboo and prepare 13,000 or less (5,000 to buy an automatic waterer, and the remaining money to buy seeds) as start-up capital, open up 50 pieces of land around the house, buy psychedelic flower seeds, and then go to mines to get a 7×7 automatic watering machine. Watering machine, it is best to get the largest automatic watering machine, plant psychedelic flowers and then go back to the room to sleep and sleep five times to harvest 14700 gold coins, and then mine to make a large watering machine, and you can get the money by digging out the seeds on a piece of land For three hundred gold coins, I set up seven large sprinklers on the left side of the house, six sprinklers to plant psychedelic flowers and save one to grow potatoes, and I can get more than 100,000 at a time. Realize the freedom of wealth. By the way, when farming, standing in the middle of 3×3 can plant nine seeds. Now I have 500,000 gold coins, 1,500 psychedelic flower seeds, 600 potatoes, and the rest are endless lonely high-end street lights. Made it all over the place.

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