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How to get Demon Rock in Wild Hearts? Other Demon Rock Harvesting Tips

Wild Hearts is a new game that is a monster hunting style game featuring multiple resources to the farm including the rarer mineral known as Demon rock.

Omega Force is a developer who has become well known for its Warriors Style Games in the Mosou genre and he has surprised his fans with the announcement of Wild Hearts in September 2022. So, when fans are hunting oversized creatures and monsters to harvest the materials, Omega Force added some new unique elements to help it stand out from the competitors. Let’s start with the guide on How to Get Demon Rock in Wild Hearts?

It has 8 different weapons where players can utilize a mechanic known as Karakuri. It helps them to build objects to help assist in combat or world traversal. It has some simple tasks such as Torch or Crates where players can combine things together to make larger machines like Bulwark, Elemental Lanterns, and many more.

Demon Rock location in Wild Hearts

Obviously, many of these can be unlocked through playing the game and earning multiple resources both in the world and through defeating the various monsters lurking.

Like, the players can be expected to be traversing various zones and battling monsters plenty of times to get the items needed to craft better gear. 

Follow the map below for the best three Demon Rock spawn locations. To farm this mineral repeatedly, we suggest fast traveling to the chapter 3 version of the starting campsite, running to the areas above, and then traveling to the same place in chapter 4 to force these rare gems to respawn consistently. Running this loop can earn you about 12 Demon Rock a run.

We recommend traveling to the Cavern Camp, located on the southwest of the Fort. Once you’re there, head north along the Snowy Otsuki Path until you reach a fork in the road. Players can eventually unlock a specific Dragon Karakuri called a Tsukumo Ore Shrine which can be deployed at a campsite or Dragon Pit.

That’s all for the guide on How to Get Demon Rock in Wild Hearts. Wild Hearts is available now on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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