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How to Get Chickens in Dinkum? | Dinkum Chicken Guide

Chickens are important in Dinkum and this guide goes through all about how to get Chickens in Dinkum. More exploration means a better skill level in this game. There are some animals in this game and some of them are hostile and are going to attack players and others can help to produce the food.

how to get chicken in dinkum

Taming farm animals like chickens are harder and you can craft higher quality food from their eggs. There are so many things that you must know about how to get chickens in Dinkum. There are so many interesting things that can help you to produce food.

How to Get Chickens in Dinkum?

To start the guide about how to chickens in Dinkum, you need to have a Handling License from Fletch and this is available right from the start of game and will set you back 250 Permit Points. Irwin is an NPC that is appeared at the Visitor’s Tent randomly and he will sell you a BaBy Chook, Animal Feeder and Animal Food. Mostly, whenever John has moved permanently to your island means you will have a new visitor every second.

Whenever Irwin visits to your island, you must complete a task for each time to improve your relation with him and ask you to open a permanent shop. Also, it helps to unlock Vombats and Pleeps for you to tame and nurture.

How to Craft a Bird Coop in Dinkum?

After you have obtained a chicken, we need a Bird Coop to house it and you also need to head to your crafting table to craft it. Overall, we need 4 copper Bars, 4 Spiniflex Tuft, 2 Tin Sheets, 4 Nails and 3 Gum Wood Planks to craft it wisely. You can place the Bird Coop wherever you want to house the chicken. It protects your livestock from aggressive wildlife like crocos.

Collecting Eggs in Dinkum

Chicken needs to become an adult before it starts producing eggs and you’ll need to look after the chicken to keep it alive and happy. Feed your chickens regularly after placing the Animal Food in their feeder to make Animal Food by placing the 10 Grass Seeds in the Grain Mill. Pet your chicken increases their friendship level and keep the chickens safe from wildlife to keep them longer.

You can purchase chicken for 5,000 Dinks at Irwin’s Shop as it is inexpensive. Once you have it, place your hens in their enclosed enclosure to make sure they have enough food. So, that’s it about how to get chicken in Dinkum. Check out our other guides on tower of fantasy too.

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