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How to Get a Small Kemono Membrane in Wild Hearts? {Complete Guide}

Small Kemono Membrane is basically a crafting material used to drop from small Kemono creatures in the Wild Hearts game. Every creature in the Wild Hearts game has two sets of items each player can offer. One item can be earned if you pet the beast and the other one if you hunt and carve the creature. Both of them are necessary to augment your armour and weapon upgrades. This guide is going to be all about how to get Small Kemono Membrane in the Wild Hearts.

Where to Find a Small Kemono Membrane in Wild Hearts?

Small Kemono Membrane is a high-tier exclusive reward to be found only in Chapter 3 or 4 of Wild Hearts’ open-world locations. To do this, you must hunt and carve a small Kemono to earn this obscure crafting upgrade.

To get started with your hunt, you must know to target, and the resource can even drop from a handful of animals. Blogoguide suggests targeting the Noblegrass Hound for this farm, though it can also drop from Sporetail Pups and Ragetail Pups. And, to farm this item you need to fast-travel the Akikure Canyon which is located in Chapter 4. This location can easily be located from the Main Map Screen. This region is home to both the Noblegrass Hounds and Sporetail Pups. The map will show you each creature the rectangle belongs to Noblegrass Hounds and two circles indicate the location of Sporetail Pups.

We recommend you fast-travel to this location and head to the mentioned areas. Slay and collect Small Kemono Membrane, then fast travel back to Minato. Once you head back to town, fast travel right back as that will make these creatures spawn, and you can continue the loop.

You can continue to farm these materials for a steady supply of the upgraded materials and if you need some gold, you can sell these at the Treasury to earn a nice pot of gold for your hunting efforts.

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