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Who is Shady Visitor and How to Find him in Dinkum Game?

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Reet Kaur

Hello everyone, I am back with another post for Shady visitor in Dinkum game. You too have heard about the ideas for Dinkum’s loading screens. There are only a few people who have met him, but hope you will found the shady visitor after reading this guide on Shady Visitor and where to find him.

Who is Shady Visitor in Dinkum?

He is a merchant in real that turns out to be something bit strange to see, he appears tp be on a bot arriving on an island. He offers sold for permit points and not in the Dinks, it is important to find the Shady Visitor in Dinkum. The chances of meeting with the shady visitor is rarer than Ted Sully, who is an another person you may meet. To know more about Ted Selly, click: Ted Selly.

How to find the Shady visitor in Dinkum?

The location where you may find the Shady Visitor in Dinkum is Ocean. The rowboat or jet ski is closer to our island. You can found him in rainy weather by opening the map. All we have to do is to look for the question mark icon on your map, that indicates his whereabouts. We got informed of the arrival of this visitor to our island through the mail. 

Dinkum: Shady Visitor Jimmy Shop Inventory

Name of the Items Permit Points
Boom Box 6,000 Permit Points
Gold Paint 1,000 Permit Points
Golden Bush Devil Statue 720 Permit Points
Red Hang Glider 1,600 Permit Points
Gold Pocket Watch 20,000 Permit Points

The best thing is visiting Shady Visitor is the Golden Pocket Watch and Red Hang Glider. It is necessary to note that the last of the mentioned articles of its best, keep reviewing the map everyday. Always have additional 21,600 Permit Points to have the advantage to how to find the Shady visitor in Dinkum. Seeing this character can take years, so make sure to get the best out of it.

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Published by
Reet Kaur

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