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How to Find and Defeat the Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy

The shield is a problem but once gone, it is gone for good.

The Tower of Fantasy game has become a sensation as it features complex and multi-faceted bosses that have ultimate challenges to the adventurers looking to clear a dungeon. One of the dungeon bosses, the Minotaur can be encountered early in the journey via Asperia where it serves as a test of your combat and dodging skills. The Minotaur’s horns are not even half of the problem.

He was first encountered in Ruin B-02 and he can also appear in other locations like the Void Rift, with varying amounts of HP. Most of his attacks are slow and have a few moves that are quick and powerful.

Where to Find the Minotaur?

Most likely, it will be found in the Ruin B-01 in Banges. However, the boss can be found while doing the Void Rifts. The location of the Ruins in Banges can be found by looking at the map with the robot at the Omnium Tower. He may require the players to have a good Shatter weapon as it has a large shield in both solos as well as multiplayer.

Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy Attacks:

Shield Slam: It will jump and perform a slam attack while holding for its shield and it can happen only in the middle of the combos.

Six Swipes: At low HP, the boss will stop performing the double swipes and perform a long combo. The parts of the combo deal AoE damage and are best avoided by running far.

Charged Axe: You are going to notice when the Minotaur is about to charge as the boss appears golden.

Large Swipes: These are the attacks that will cover the area around it swinging. They will hit the players even behind the Minotaur.

It has other moves as well that can hit or do lesser damage comparatively. They can be easily dodged in melee range as most of them are well telegraphed.

How to Defeat the Minotaur?

The Minotaur’s greatest strength is its leaping shield slam attack. It can halve your health bar if you can’t dodge out of range in time. Hitting it with a weapon that has a high shatter value preferably an S Tier is highly recommended. Hope now you know how to defeat the Minotaur.

How to Tell if your Weapon has Good Shatter in the Tower of Fantasy?

There are two main stats in Tower of Fantasy for Weapon’s Stats i.e., Shatter and Charge. They indicate how much damage is dealt to shields and how fast the weapon gains its discharge ability. S ranking is the best and C is the worst.

So, that’s all about How to find and defeat the Minotaur in Tower of Fantasy. Check out Dinkum Game Guides too.

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