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Where to Catch Marlin and Galaxies in Dinkum?

Dinkum is a farming game that is created by the Australian Developer James Bendon and you will be able to make your farm from scratch and decorate the island. There are so many items that you can collect with a randomly generated map. This guide is going to be all about the Marlin firstly.

How to Find Marlin in Dinkum?

Fishing is really fun in Dinkum as there are so many fishes to catch and you will have a lot when you catch every fish. This has a lot of benefits in early as well as the late game. You can complete the first catch milestones with Theodore and you can catch those big fish to fill up your pockets with Dinks.

And, moreover, for the Marlin you need to look a bit harder as it is a rare fish. You can catch it easily as you know where to find it and the big fish can be caught in the day time, that is around 12PM to 6PM. Additionally, you need to wait for a specific seasons as this is a seasonal fish. That means, you can only catch Marlin only in the Autumn and Winter.

How to Find Galaxies in Dinkum?

Now, let’s find out the galaxies in Dinkum game. It is found in the Winter season that means you won’t be able to get it immediately after starting the game. This season lasts for 28 days and you need to wait for it. Keep in mind that catch the Luderick in Summer, Autumn or Spring. And, for the location you need to go to the Rivers and you can catch the fish at any time of the day. Once you found, you can give it to the Theodore for his museum.

That’s it about how to find galaxies and Marlin in Dinkum game. If you have any query, you can mail at blogoguides@gmail.com.

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