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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find and Rescue Zevlor?

Zevlor is a Tiefling prince who is the leader of the Tiefling refugees in Baldur’s Gate 3. He is a former Hellrider, a legendary city guard unit that outmatches some armies. He is a skilled fighter and a charismatic leader.

Zevlor is first encountered at the Druid Grove, where he is leading the Tiefling refugees in their efforts to find a new home. He is initially distrustful of the player character, but he eventually comes to trust them and agrees to help them in their quest.

After the player character defeats Ketheric Thorm in Moonrise Towers, Zevlor is captured by the Mind Flayers and taken to their colony. The player character can rescue him from the colony and he will join their party.

Zevlor is a valuable companion who can provide the player character with information about the Tiefling refugees and the Mind Flayers. He is also a skilled fighter who can be a valuable asset in combat.

Here are some of Zevlor’s personality traits:

  • He is a proud Tiefling who is determined to find a new home for his people.
  • He is a skilled fighter and a charismatic leader.
  • He is distrustful of outsiders at first, but he eventually comes to trust the player character.
  • He is a valuable companion who can provide information and help in combat.

Zevlor is a complex and interesting character who plays an important role in Baldur’s Gate 3. He is a valuable companion who can help the player character in their quest to find a cure for the tadpole.

To find and rescue Zevlor in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Progress through the main story until you reach the Mind Flayer Colony. This will happen after you defeat Ketheric Thorm in Moonrise Towers.
  2. Once you are in the Mind Flayer Colony, head to the Tadpoling Center. This is located at the following coordinates: X: 689 Y: 6.
  3. In the Tadpoling Center, you will find Zevlor trapped in a pod. To free him, interact with the Neural Apparatus on the wall.
  4. Be warned that freeing Zevlor will also release a group of Mind Flayers. You will need to defeat them in order to complete the rescue.
  5. Once the Mind Flayers are defeated, Zevlor will be free. You can then talk to him and he will join your party.

Here are some additional tips for rescuing Zevlor:

  • Make sure you are well-rested and have a full party before attempting the rescue.
  • The Mind Flayers in the Tadpoling Center are quite powerful, so be prepared for a tough fight.
  • If you are having trouble defeating the Mind Flayers, you can try using the environment to your advantage. There are a few pillars in the room that you can use to block the Mind Flayers’ attacks.
  • Once Zevlor is free, you can talk to him to learn more about his story. He is a valuable companion who can help you in your journey.

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