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How to Farm Crops in Dinkum? | Dinkum Farming Guide

This Dinkum Farming Guide is going to tell you how to unlock Farming and help with watering. Another major part is what kind of crop would you like to grow? Either its raising Chooks or keeping them fed, everything about Farming in Dinkum is here in this blog post.

Just like other games, farming is a really good source of income and access to the resources. You need to eat for survival and let me tell you another interesting thing that collecting seashells is not going to cut your money anymore. By farming in Dinkum, we have access to ingredients for exquisite food and can even sell for them. You’ll get 3,000 Dinks for Pumpkin and Watermelon. You’ll have to invited John to your Island first and pay off your debt.

Once done, you’ll start seeing visitors in the Visitor’s tent to gain access to the new recipes and tasks. To grant access to recipes for a Sickle and a Grain Mill, you need to unlock the Farming license from the Fletch. And, the NPC visitor Rayne sells crop seeds and gardening tools to start. To buy seeds in bulk we need to buy a Hoe and Watering Can from her.

Rayne is rare so make sure whenever she visits, buy seeds in bulk to get the permanent shop residence. Let’s learn How to Farm Crops in Dinkum in a detailed manner.

How Dinkum Farming Works?

The Dinkum Farming works just like how it is meant to be, we have to plant seeds, farm the land and of course water your crops everyday. And, you can also plant Bushes, Flowers and Trees right before you meet Rayne. But, only the crops purchased will be counting towards Farming Milestones.

How to Get Seeds in Dinkum?

Buying Crop Seeds from Rayne and Chopping down Trees or Bushes. It’s a good idea to stock up in advance so Rayne carries a random selection of seeds every day.

How to Plant Fruit, Bushes, and Trees?

Learn how to plant Fruit, Bushes and Trees in Dinkum. All you have to do is Dig a hole with your Shovel and drop a seed into your hole. Refill the hole with the soil in your Shovel. Or, you can place a Seed on the Ground and dig on the top of your seed to drop it into your hole and immediately refill the hole if you prefer to move things a lit bit faster.

You can get help from the villagers to help you with watering and you won’t have to do it alone and you’ll find people in town helping out with the watering. There’s no such way to encourage this but things can be helped out along by keeping your planted Crops near the building in town.

Another way is, protect your investments with Fences and you will end this up by destroying the bushes and plants by accident.

Detailed List of Crops in Dinkum Game

This is the list of all the crops that we have found in Dinkum while selling crops on their own to fetch a better price by Cooking them or using in the Crafting.

Dinkum Bushed List

Bottle Brush

Seasons – All

Grows in – ? Days

Purchase Price – N/A

Crop Sell Price – 245 Dinks

Prickly Pear Cactus

Seasons – All

Grows in – ? Days

Purchase Price – N/A

Crop Sell Price – 261 Dinks (Cactus Figs), 600 Dinks (Prickly Pear Flesh)

Yellow Wattle Flower

Seasons – All

Grows in – ? Days

Purchase Price – N/A

Crop Sell Price – 145 Dinks

Dinkum Fruit Cooking List


Seasons – All

Grows in – ? Days

Produces 4 Apples every ? Days

Purchase Price – N/A

Crop Sell Price – 107 Dinks


Seasons – All

Grows in – ? Days

Produces 2 Bananas every ? Days

Purchase Price – 496 Dinks

Crop Sell Price – 248 Dinks

Bush Lime

Seasons – All

Grows in – ? Days

Produces 3 Bush Limes every ? Days

Purchase Price – 180 Dinks

Crop Sell Price – 90 Dinks


Seasons – All

Grows in – ? Days

Produces 3 Quandongs every ? Days

Purchase Price – N/A

Crop Sell Price – 110 Dinks

Dinkum Farming Crops


Seasons – Autumn

Grows in – 8 Days

Purchase Price – 700 Dinks

Crop Sell Price – 1,750


Seasons – Winter

Grows in – 7 Days

Purchase Price – 570

Crop Sell Price – 475


Seasons – Autumn, Winter

Grows in – 11 Days

Produces 2 Corn every 6 Days

Purchase Price – 1,100 Dinks

Crop Sell Price – 358

Green Bean

Seasons – 11 days, and then every five days

Grows in – Spring and summer

Purchase Price – 295

Crop Sell Price – 1,360


Seasons – Winter

Grows in – 6 Days

Purchase Price – 760 Dinks

Crop Sell Price – 1,520


Seasons – Spring and summer

Grows in – 7 days

Purchase Price – 540

Crop Sell Price – 450


Seasons – Spring

Grows in – 10 days

Purchase Price – 640

Crop Sell Price – 640


Seasons – Autumn

Grows in – 11 days, with another harvest every seven days

Vines spread out in up to 4 directions, so leave 1 open space on each side. Produces up to 4 Pumpkins.

Purchase Price – 780 Dinks

Crop Sell Price – 3,120 Dinks

Sugar Cane

Seasons – All

Grows in – 12 Days

Purchase Price – 400

Crop Sell Price – 560 Dinks


Seasons – Summer & Autumn

Grows in – 11 Days

Produces 3 Tomatoes every 6 Days afterward

Has a Stake, so don’t plant them next to each other

Purchase Price – 1,620 Dinks

Crop Sell Price – 351 Dinks


Seasons – Summer

Grows in – ? Days

Vines spread out in up to 4 directions, so leave 1 open space on each side. Produces up to 4 Watermelons

Purchase Price – ?

Crop Sell Price – ?


Seasons – All

Grows in – 9 Days

Produces 2 Wheat

Purchase Price – 385 Dinks

Crop Sell Price – 3,080

To harvest more crops, you need to upgrade your licenses and invite Irwin and Rayne to your Island. You can also unlock the Farming Licenses Level 2 and 3 to grant new tools for harvesting. But your first target should be to level up your Farming Skills to level 10 and then 20. Hope you got your answer for How to farm Crops in Dinkum?

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