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Croco Farming Guide in Dinkum | How to Farm Crocos in Dinkum

Dinkum is a farming simulation game developed by James Bendon. You can make the island of your dreams. I met a lot of Australian wildlife in this game. One creature I personally don’t like is Crocos as they are not friendly ones. He is one of the dangerous predators roaming around on the island.Killing a crocodile is a bit tricky and fatal as well. If we kill any animal here, we’ll be getting raw meat that can be used for our survival or can be sold to get some Dinks in exchange. Let’s move to the Dinkum, the easiest way to kill crocodiles. No equipment or tools required here for Croco Farming Guide in Dinkum.

How to Kill a Crocodile in Dinkum? A Complete Guide

Firstly, we need to get a few things ready. We can kill him with a simple spear as well but there is no point in wasting an entire day spending on it. Just one copper weapon or flaming bat is needed. The higher tier of the weapon is better. The fight with the crocodile can be tough as it can do a lunging bite attack. I always run once I see his mouth open and coming towards me with a bite attack.

Croco Farming Guide in Dinkum

Yes, these crocus are really afraid to be off. They always show up when they are least expected of. Once killed, they drop Croco meat and believe me it is amazing when cooked to increase your health bar. And, our trader John loves that to get the best possible rewards.

To farm crocus in an easy and bite-free way we need to find a good place where a lot of crocus spawn. The most suitable location is the peninsula as it is covered by three sides of water, so it means more crocos. 

All we need is to make some animal traps and an animal collection point. Now, place them really close to each other with a collection point in the middle. Trap them without actually getting them to lead. Trapped? Now quickly pick them up and place the trap in the animal collection point.

It requires a bit of practice but it’s worth 9,600 Dinks for every croc. If the health bar of Crocodile becomes red, it is trying to dive into the water and run away. You can also attack a croco inside the water even.

Hope you got your answer on how to farm cocos in Dinkum and killed them. Check out our other blogs as well on Dinkum.

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