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Dinkum Multiplayer Guide: How To Play Co-Op With Your Friends?

Farming is better with some extra friendly farmers! Here’s how to play Dinkum with your friends.

Dinkum is the new Steam’s favorite game with 10/10 rating and obviously for good reasons. I played this game a lot and trust me, it just seems seems better with friends along. Four different players can be there in the same session: Three visitors and one host. But, you cannot just start playing Dinkum in Multiplayer, there’s a pre-condition that needs to be fulfilled first.

Yes, it can be tricky at first as it requires some special mechanics like to co-up with multiplayer at one time. Let’s just learn how to enjoy multiplayer in Dinkum.

How To Host A Co-op Game In Dinkum?

Keep in mind that it is not as easy as to play a button and inviting your friends over. Right before starting a Multiplayer game, we need to first start a New Game and go to sleep on the first day to start the game where it saved. This will allow the game and their character to be saved.

Now, head to the Main menu to start prepping the session. All you need is to start tweaking your settings where we can make the multiplayer session friends-only, invite-only, or Public. Once we are in the game world, open up the Journal and invite your friends through the Steam directly. Click on the host game and enter the Host’s map. Dinkum Multiplayer Guide is all about you need.

How to Join a Multiplayer Game in Dinkum?

Open the game, enter the main menu and click on the Multiplayer Mode. Choose your character and click on Open games. Now, select friends only on Public games from the list and join the game by using the Host’s IP address. 

This game can be enjoyed with friends or family whenever you want. Now, we are playing the Dinkum multiplayer with friends. Looking for more Dinkum content, check out our Dinkum Fishing Guide

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