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Wild Hearts: How to Beat the Kingtusk Boss {Complete Guide}

Roast some giant pig with this in-depth guide to all of Kingtusk’s moves in Wild Hearts.

Once the players entered the monster-filled world of Wild Hearts, this game has a lot of twists and excitement. Players learn quickly not to underestimate Wild Hearts’ ‘kemonos.’ Just make sure to use the Bulwark whenever it charges at you so that you can stun it and do a counterattack! In rage mode, the Kingtusk’s tusks will glow red and it’ll use new moves such as a spinning move. This move covers a lot of space. Be ready to move immediately.


Kingtusk is going to be the first “wall” or tough boss for a lot of new players in the Wild Hearts and obviously for good reasons only. The Kingtusk is a lot away from a gentle giant and the players will need to be careful more. Yes, it’s slow but very aggressive and heavy. He is capable to take larger chunks out of the player’s health with each hit it lands upon.  Its main attacks are a rearing ground pound with its tusks, body slams to the sides, spinning head sweeps, and a charge attack.

What Armor is Best for Fighting the Kingtusk?

The first time the player fights the Kingtusk is when they will not have a wide range of armor to choose from. The wood-based attack style, which is identified by a small leaf symbol, the player should choose the armor that best defends against that. Remember, in Wild Hearts, armor ratings can go below 0, making it possible for players to have weaknesses.

The only armor you need to fight the Kingtusk is any wood-type damage resistance is Fresh Fern set, however, some players have better armor based on their own progression rate. By defeating the Kemono you will unlock the new armor.  Many of Wild Hearts upgrade materials will not be available until later in the story, but there are some craftable items in the early game.

How to Defeat the Kingtusk Boss in Wild Hearts?

The first thing most players will notice is that the Kingtusk is extremely vulnerable to fire, but without any elemental weapons or karakuri this early in Wild Hearts’ story, that will have to be set aside.

Use upgraded armor and talismans to vastly improve the hunter’s chances at success.
Wild Hearts is available now for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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