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Tower of Fantasy – How To Add Friends (Co-Op)?

As we already know Tower of Fantasy has co-op multiplayer that means you can add up to three friends to play the open-world adventure. It is a bit confusing process for newbies and this guide is going to help you out with How to add friends in Tower of Fantasy .

How to add friends in Tower of Fantasy using uid?

This is really easy to do so. Just Press the Esc button to bring up the menu and choose friends and add at the bottom left corner of the screen. Key in your friend’s character name and hit search to add them.

Detailed Way to play co-op in Tower of Fantasy

  1. If you are playing it on Mobile, the players need to tap on the three hexagons in the top-right corner to open the in-game menu. And, PC players can click on the same symbol with their mouse or just press the esc key menu.
  2. Click on the Friends Menu in the second row of sub-menus.
  3. Now, select the search and add button in the bottom-left corner to open the Add Friends window.
  4. Type in your friend’s ID as it appears in the Tower of Fantasy (it is case sensitive).
  5. Your friend can access them in the Friends menu by accepting or rejecting it.

How to Play with Friends in Tower of Fantasy?

Right after adding a friend and confirming, players can send them an invite to start a session game together. For now, that’s all we knew about how to add friends in the Tower of Fantasy? But, keep in mind that not every of four players have every feature while playing. If you have any doubt or feedback regarding the

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