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How To Level Up Fast & Get To Max Level 40 Quickly in Hogwarts Legacy?

Levelling up is necessary in the RPG world of Hogwarts Legacy. This game is going to give us a lot of options to level up and get more main and side quests. Though, we can make it easier if diverge to explore the experience of Hogwarts Legacy. It will leave players with multiple options to raise their level and reputation in the game.

You can level up in Hogwarts Legacy by doing various activities outside of just questing. These include; challenges, cleaning out camps, popping balloons, solving hedge mazes, completing Merlin Trials, collecting field guide pages, finding Demiguise Statues, and participating in the Digital Deluxe’s Dark Arts Battle Arena.

How to Level Up Fast In Hogwarts Legacy?

Players need to earn XP by focusing on completing the Wizard’s Field Guide challenges and competing in the Battle Arenas. Or, you can level up your game fast in Hogwarts Legacy by finishing the main story quests and side tasks.

Wizard Field Guide Challenges

Inside the Wizards’ Field Guide, players can find all sorts of challenges to complete and level up rapidly. Here are the categories:

  • Combat
  • Quests
  • Exploration
  • Field Guide Pages
  • Room of Requirement

Leveling up is important to become a powerful character in the Hogwarts Legacy but unfortunately, the main quest recommended levels are often low enough. Collecting the Field Guide Pages is the fastest and easiest way to level up.  But, if you continue doing small tasks in between, then you will be able to earn a lot of XP and level up fast in Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Revelio: Highlights interactive items like puzzles, Field Guide Pages, chests, and statues
  • Lumos: Leads the lost moths to their frames in Hogwarts Legacy
  • Accio: Pull the flying Field Guide Pages toward the protagonist
  • Levioso: Used on some statues to obtain a Field Guide Page
  • Reparo: Repair broken objects
  • Incendio: Light up certain objects.

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