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WoW Dragonflight DPS Tier List (2023): Best DPS To Pick

Ranking all DPS in World of Warcraft Dragonflight from best to worst to help you choose the correct one. The world of warcraft Dragonlight Expansion is finally here with so many new updates and class Evoker features. In this guide, you can take a look at the DPS class tier list that will help you pick up the best DPS in WoW Dragonflight. 

From the weakest to the strongest specialization, each provides unique character distinction and add value toward shaping the seasonal “meta” of Mythic+. Damage is one of the major factors to rank the DPS classes; mass AoE, burst AoE, single-target, 3-target, and spread-cleave damage are the types of damage-profiles we examine.

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WoW Dragonflight DPS Tier Specs

S – Restoration Druid

A – Holy Paladin, Preservation Evoker, Discipline Priest, Restoration Shaman

B – Holy Priest

C – Restoration Shaman

Dragonflight: WoW DPS Rankings Criteria

The criteria of the DPS Rankings for our Tier List take into account the following aspects:

  • Raid Damage
  • Mythic+ Damage
  • Utility in a group
  • Difficulty to play (Skill ceiling and floor)
  • Fun to play

DPS Tier List for Season 1 of Mythic+ in Dragonflight

  1. Subtlety Rogue (S-Tier)
  2. Outlaw Rogue (S-Tier)
  3. Balance Druid (S-Tier)
  4. Enhancement Shaman (S-Tier)
  5. Havoc Demon Hunter (S-Tier)
  6. Shadow Priest (S-Tier)
  7. Feral Druid (A-Tier)
  8. Arms Warrior (A-Tier)
  9. Windwalker Monk (A-Tier)
  10. Assassination Rogue (A-Tier)
  11. Fury Warrior (A-Tier)
  12. Unholy Death Knight (A-Tier)
  13. Frost Mage (A-Tier)
  14. Elemental Shaman (A-Tier)
  15. Demonology Warlock (A-Tier)
  16. Destruction Warlock (B-Tier)
  17. Retribution Paladin (B-Tier)
  18. Beast Mastery Hunter (B-Tier)
  19. Devastation Evoker (B-Tier)
  20. Fire Mage (B-Tier)
  21. Arcane Mage (B-Tier)
  22. Affliction Warlock (B-Tier)
  23. Marksmanship Hunter (B-Tier)
  24. Frost Death Knight (B-Tier)
  25. Survival Hunter (B-Tier)

Dragonflight Healer Tier List Predictions FAQ

Which class is best at healing in World of Warcraft?

Monk is the best class for healing

Who is the best healer in Shadowlands?

The Mistweaver Monk does the most healing

S TierOutlaw RogueSubtlety RogueWindwalker MonkUnholy Death Knight 
A TierArcane MageHavoc Demon HunterEnhancement ShamanMarksmanship HunterBalance Druid
Feral DruidDemonology Warlock   
B TierFrost Death KnightArms WarriorAssassination RogueElemental ShamanFury Warrior
Retribution PaladinDevastation Evoker   
C TierShadow PriestFrost MageFire Mage  
D TierSurvival HunterBeast Mastery HunterAffliction WarlockDestruction Warlock 

Positional Ranking List

This list shows the ranking of each DPS spec for both Mythic+ and Raid combined positional score and the change from the previous position in parenthesis.

  1. Outlaw Rogue (–)
  2. Subtlety Rogue (+3)
  3. Windwalker Monk (–)
  4. Unholy Death Knight (+12)
  5. Arcane Mage (-1)
  6. Havoc Demon Hunter (+5)
  7. Enhancement Shaman (-1)
  8. Marksmanship Hunter (-6)
  9. Balance Druid (-2)
  10. Feral Druid (–)
  11. Demonology Warlock (-6)
  12. Frost Death Knight (+6)
  13. Arms Warrior (+8)
  14. Assassination Rogue (-5)
  15. Elemental Shaman (–)
  16. Fury Warrior (-4)
  17. Retribution Paladin (-3)
  18. Devastation Evoker (-1)
  19. Shadow Priest (-6)
  20. Frost Mage (–)
  21. Fire Mage (+3)
  22. Survival Hunter (–)
  23. Beast Mastery Hunter (-4)
  24. Affliction Warlock (+1)
  25. Destruction Warlock (-2)

So, this is  our ultimate Healer Tier list for Dragonflight’s PVE that has some of the best specs that offer excellent throughput healing, utility, and damage output. If you have any question for wow dragonflight dps tier list, let us know in the comment section below.

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