Roblox Fruit Warriors Codes March 2023 Wiki

We’ve got the full list of all the new and working Roblox Fruit Warriors codes that will get you free rewards in the game! You can check out these new codes for Fruit Warriors that is an interesting Roblox fighting game set up in One-Piece Universe. We made this Fruit Warriors Codes March 2023 List, so you don’t have to.

Game Information
Title – Roblox Fruit Warriors
Developer– Content Pioneers Studio
Genre – browser based fruit-themed MMORPG
File Size – 45.4 MB
Android: Play Store
iOS: App Store
Fruit Warriors Codes March 2023 Details

Fruit Warriors Codes March 2023 List – Updated

UPDATE15 free tokensActive (NEW CODE)
20KLIKESDouble XP and Double BeliActive (NEW CODE)
10KLIKESDouble XP and Double BeliActive (NEW CODE)
SORRY30 mins of double experience, 1.5k Beli, and free tokensActive
BROKENCODES2x Beli Boost, experience, and cashActive
DAILYHOTFIX1Beli boost and cashActive
RELEASE5 TokensActive

What are the best Fruits in Fruit Warriors?

Bomb (Uncommon)
Chop (Uncommon)
Diamond (Uncommon)
Flame (Epic)
Invisible (Common)
Kilo (Common)
Light (Legendary)
Magma (Epic)
Smoke (Rare)

What are all the quests in Fruit Warriors?

Quest Giver 1
Quest 1: Defeat 5 Bandits (Level 1+)
Reward 1: B$ 500
Quest 2: Defeat 1 Bandit Leader (Level 15+)
Reward 2: B$ 2,500

Quest Giver 2
Quest 1: Defeat 5 Clown Pirates (Level 30+)
Reward 1: B$ 4,000
Quest 2: Defeat 1 Clown Leader (Level 60+)
Reward 2: B$ 8,000

Quest Giver 3
Quest 1: Defeat 5 Cavemen (Level 75+)
Reward 1: B$ 11,000
Quest 2: Defeat 6 Monkeys (Level 90+)
Reward 2: B$ 13,000
Quest 3: Defeat 1 Gorilla (Level 120+)
Reward 3: B$ 16,000

Quest Giver 4
Quest 1: Defeat 5 Snow Bandits (Level 200+)
Reward 1: B$ 25,000
Quest 2: Defeat 5 Small Yetis (Level 275+)
Reward 2: B$ 32,000
Quest 3: Defeat 1 Yeti (Level 350+)
Reward 3: B$ 40,000

Quest Giver 5
Quest 1: Defeat 7 Sand Bandits (Level 450+)
Reward 1: B$ 60,000
Quest 2: Defeat 6 Pharoah Guard (Level 600+)
Reward 2: B$ 80,000
Quest 3: Defeat 1 Anubis (Level 800+)
Reward 3: B$ 110,000

Quest Giver 6
Quest 1: Defeat 5 Sky Bandits (Level 1,000+)
Reward 1: B$ 100,000
Quest 2: Defeat 5 High-Level Sky Bandits (Level 1,100+)
Reward 2: B$ 130,000
Quest 3: Defeat 1 Sky Leader (Level 1,200+)
Reward 3: B$ 150,000

Eat your fruits if you want to be strong. You’ll travel around islands, solve quests, fight dangerous enemies, level up, and enjoy sailing! If you want more codes, make sure to like the game – more likes, more codes! That’s it for the Roblox Fruit Warriors Codes March 2023.

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