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How to Get SSR Matrices for free Tips: Tower of Fantasy Guide

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After the Tower of Fantasy game has been released, players struggle to get the guaranteed SSR Matrices for free. And, believe me, the answer for this is really tough but with the following some simple steps you can maximize the chances without spending anything. The game gets interesting with every step coming. We are going through some steps to get free SSR Matrices in the Tower of Fantasy game. Lezzz Go!

SSR Matrices in Tower of Fantasy Rewards:

Matrices are a brand new addition to the game that allows maximum flexibility while customizing weapons. They have four multiple categories like Mind, Memory Emotions, and Belief. Each of them has its unique ability tied back into one of these core concepts for some better combat strategy. We can attach up to 4 matrices per slot as there is plenty of space available. But, make sure all of them go together and try not to get them too far apart as there are some differences between them. The matrices have their stats, attack power, and resistance to some attacks that may be boosted.

How to Get SSR Matrices for Free in Tower of Fantasy

Matrices Banners

One of the best ways to get SSR Matrices in Tower of fantasy is via Choice Matrices Banners. They take Proof of purchase currency one at a time or in piles up to 10. You are guaranteed an SR Matrix every ten pulls as well as SSR for 40 pulls.

Joint Operation Mission

There are multiple types of missions that can be taken on, Few of them require high-level characters and equipment while others allow beginners to join in with help from the experts. Only if they have enough experience under their belt already.

Joint Operations are small group tasks that seem to be easy at first then provide multiple rewards. You can get multiple rewards after getting them including SSR Matrices which is rare. Better are the Joint supply chains that can give a better chance; not 100% but good.

Special Vouchers

The game Tower of Fantasy has an exciting way to get special vouchers for getting their SSR Matrices. One is Limited Special Order Banner that offers a 50% chance once they have reached 40 pulls on this banner and you can get one featured character’s matrix. They are rare and the players are always ready to grab them before they ran out.

Void Rifts

You will be having three chances to complete the Void Rifts by generating a new token every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You will also be able to earn SSR matrices and Proof of Purchase currency for the reward opportunities.

World Boss Chests

The best way to get SSR Matrices is by opening the world boss chests and these powerful containers are held in every realm and can be accessed with gold chips only. They have great rewards like relic shards or weapons from all types of grades or rarity levels and SSR matrices.

These drops are purely random so make sure to take part with other players and make a great team to focus fire on one enemy. This is better than spreading across various targets individually. Another great idea for how to get free SSR Matrices in the Tower of Fantasy game.

Chapter 7 of the Wanderer’s Log Rewards

You will receive four Pepper purple Matrices once complete the challenges in Chapter 7 of the log. We receive multiple juicy rewards from the Wanderer’s Log.

Matrix Store

With every pull on the Choice Matrices Banner, you will be receiving Base chips after spending 80 to purchase an SSR matrix.

There are so many opportunities for players to get the SSR Matrices in the Tower of Fantasy. The players are needed to look and what methods work best for them accordingly. You can easily farm for their desired SSRs without spending any money. So, that’s all for how to get SSR Matrices for free. Check out our other guides too.

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Published by
Reet Kaur

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