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For the King 2: Mastering the “Hardwork” Skill and Unveiling the Best Characters

In the enchanting world of For the King 2, mastering your character’s skills is crucial for success. One such invaluable skill is “Hardwork,” which plays a pivotal role in combat situations. This skill enables your character to gain an extra primary action when they consume their last focus point during a battle. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the “Hardwork” skill and unveil the best characters for a triumphant gaming experience.

The “Hardwork” Skill – A Game-Changer in For the King 2

Focus points are a precious resource in For the King 2, essential for executing special actions and using various abilities. When your character is low on focus points, the “Hardwork” skill comes to the rescue. It provides an opportunity to take an additional primary action, a game-changing advantage in the heat of battle. This extra action allows you to make strategic decisions when they matter the most, potentially turning the tide of a battle in your favor.

Mastering “Hardwork” – Unleashing the Power

To make the most of the “Hardwork” skill, it’s essential to understand its strategic implications. Here are some key aspects to consider:

Building Scarecrow

  • Effect: Grants a chance to construct a scarecrow in the front row during combat.

Called Shot

  • Effect: Enhances the likelihood of achieving a perfect shot when using a bow.


  • Effect: Provides an opportunity to transfer alcohol effects to nearby allies during combat.


  • Effect: Offers a chance to disrupt a successful attack against fellow party members.


  • Effect: Increases the likelihood of acting first in combat.

Elite Ambush

  • Effect: Requires 1 slot roll to ambush solo enemies or 2 slot rolls for camp encounters.

Elite Sneak

  • Effect: Requires 2 slot rolls to sneak past solo enemies or 3 for camps.

Energy Boost

  • Effect: Provides a chance to gain an additional action point at the end of a turn.


  • Effect: Focuses fully on leveling up your character.

Find Alcohol

  • Effect: Grants a chance to acquire alcohol at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.

Find Herb

  • Effect: Offers a chance to discover a herb at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.

Find Scroll

  • Effect: Provides an opportunity to obtain a scroll at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.


  • Effect: Nullifies melee damage for an ally positioned directly behind, but a shield is required.


  • Effect: Increases the likelihood of a sheep follower joining your party at the end of a turn.

Iron Belly

  • Effect: Prevents negative debuffs caused by alcohol consumption.


  • Effect: Offers a chance to add splash damage to a perfect strike with a two-handed weapon.

Make Potion

  • Effect: Provides a chance to obtain a potion at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.


  • Effect: Receives 2 additional movement points at the end of a turn when on boats driving off-road or on the ocean.

Nice Day

  • Effect: Increases the chance of gaining overworld movement on sunny days.

Party Heal

  • Effect: Grants partial healing to nearby allies during combat, in the overworld, and while resting.


  • Effect: Offers a chance to regain a focus point at the end of a turn on land or in dungeons.


  • Effect: Provides an opportunity to reveal the contents of the next dungeon room.

Smoke Flee

  • Effect: Increases the chance to escape from any combat tile and requires 1 less skill roll.


  • Effect: Enhances the chance of negating damage from attacks when equipped with a shield.

Support Range

  • Effect: Allows you to join combat from an additional hex away.


  • Effect: Increases the chance of discovering a hidden Point of Interest (POI).


  • Effect: Enhances the chance to strengthen a combat tile, adding a +5 increase to attack power.

Mastering the “Hardwork” skill requires strategic thinking, adaptability, and an in-depth understanding of your character’s abilities.

For the King 2 Best Characters

Now that you’re well-versed in the power of the “Hardwork” skill, let’s explore the best characters in For the King 2 and their unique specialties.

Hunter – The Agile Explorer

The Hunter class stands out as a top choice in For the King 2. With a combination of unique abilities and high speed, the Hunter excels in both exploration and combat. The Elite Ambush and Elite Sneak abilities make this character an expert in ambushes and enemy isolation, granting an initiative advantage. The Called Shot ability occasionally delivers perfect shots with a bow, while Energy Boost provides extra action points. To maximize the Hunter’s effectiveness, equip a bow and items that enhance evasion, speed, crit chance, and Awareness.

Herbalist – The Supportive Healer

A close second, the Herbalist is a superb support class. Its Find Herb ability provides a steady stream of valuable herbs in the overworld, complemented by the Party Heal ability, which allows the Herbalist to provide healing support during combat, exploration, and rest. To optimize the Herbalist’s performance, staves and wands are recommended for equipment to boost damage output, along with items that increase Vitality and Awareness.

Blacksmith – The Sturdy Tank

The Blacksmith is your go-to class for a sturdy and tanky character. The Steadfast ability, while luck-based, offers the chance to negate damage when using a shield. Using one-handed bladed or blunt weapons is essential for making Steadfast effective, and equipping items to boost Strength and resistances completes the ultimate tanking experience. Don’t forget to stock up on healing items to support the Blacksmith in the front line.

Scholar – The Magical Intellect

Scholars are the magic-based characters in For the King 2, though they lack support abilities. The Refocus ability grants a chance to regain Focus, a valuable resource, at the end of a turn in the overworld or dungeons. Additionally, the Scholar can find scrolls with the Find Scroll ability. Outfit the Scholar with staves and wands, focusing on items that enhance Intelligence and resistances.

Stablehand – The Versatile Fighter

While not the most popular class, the Stablehand offers versatility. Its Hardwork ability provides an additional primary action when using the last Focus, although it doesn’t trigger frequently. This character can wield bows, polearms, blades, and blunt weapons due to good Strength and Awareness stats. Equip items that restore Focus and enhance Strength and Awareness for a well-rounded character capable of various roles in the party.


For the King 2 offers a captivating gaming experience, blending role-playing, strategy, and roguelike elements. Mastering the “Hardwork” skill and choosing the right character are key steps toward becoming a formidable adventurer in the world of Fahrul. Embrace the power of “Hardwork” and embark on a journey filled with thrilling challenges and rewarding victories.

Trending: For the King “For the King” is a captivating roguelike role-playing video game developed by IronOak Games and published by Curve Games. This game first entered early access on the Steam platform in February 2017, with its full release in April 2018. Set in the imaginative world of Fahrul, the gameplay primarily involves exploration, dungeon-crawling, and the collection of new equipment and weapons. One of its notable features is the availability of both co-op and single-player modes, allowing players to embark on their adventures either solo or with friends. The game’s rich blend of strategic and turn-based combat, combined with its challenging and ever-changing landscapes, offers an engaging and rewarding experience for players.

For the King Gameplay

In “For the King,” players experience a captivating blend of role-playing, strategy, and roguelike elements. They select from various adventures, each offering unique challenges, and can enjoy the game in single-player or cooperative modes. The game’s dynamically generated world ensures each playthrough is a fresh experience with different landscapes and challenges. Players create parties of one to three characters, customizing their class and attributes, such as strength, vitality, and intelligence. Dice-based chance determines success in combat and exploration. The hexagonal-tile map allows interactions with enemies and locations, and turn-based combat engages characters and enemies on the same tile. Random events offer benefits, and the use of Focus enhances the odds of success. Players traverse Fahrul, complete quests, and engage in battles, while a day-night cycle influences enemy encounters and shop accessibility in towns. “For the King” provides an ever-changing and engaging gaming experience.

For the King 2 Trailer

For the King Overview

  • Developer: IronOak Games
  • Publisher: Curve Games
  • Director: Colby Young
  • Engine: Unity
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One
  • Initial Release: February 28, 2017 (Early access), April 19, 2018 (Full release)
  • Genres: Role-playing, Roguelike, Turn-based strategy
  • Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

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For the King 2 Hardwork Skill – FAQs

  1. What is the For the King 2 Hardwork Skill, and how does it work?
    • The Hardwork skill in For the King 2 grants an extra primary action when you consume your last focus point in combat, providing a tactical advantage in battles.
  2. Who are the Best Characters in For the King 2, and what are their specialties?
    • The best characters include the Hunter, an agile explorer; the Herbalist, a supportive healer; the Blacksmith, a sturdy tank; the Scholar, a magical intellect; and the Stablehand, a versatile fighter.
  3. How can I maximize the Hunter’s effectiveness in For the King 2?
    • Equip a bow, enhance evasion, speed, crit chance, and Awareness to make the most of the Hunter’s unique abilities, such as Elite Ambush and Elite Sneak.
  4. What role does the Herbalist play in the game, and how can I optimize their performance?
    • The Herbalist is a support class, excelling in healing. Equip staves and wands, and increase Vitality and Awareness to enhance their healing capabilities.
  5. What makes the Stablehand a versatile character, and how can I build them for different roles in For the King 2?
    • The Stablehand’s Hardwork ability allows for additional actions. Equip items that restore Focus and enhance Strength and Awareness to make them capable of various roles in the party.

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