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Where to Find The 7th Guest VR: All Coins Guide

In our quest to enhance your gaming experience in The 7th Guest VR, we understand the importance of finding every hidden coin. These elusive coins not only add to your in-game riches but also provide a thrilling challenge. We’ve meticulously scoured the Mansion to compile a detailed guide that goes above and beyond, ensuring you don’t miss a single coin. Let’s embark on this coin-hunting journey room by room, sparing no detail.

Foyer (4 Coins)

1. Flowerpot left: Start your coin collection journey right in the Foyer. Look for a coin hidden near the left flowerpot.

2. Ashtray left: Directly to the left of the entrance, you’ll find another coin tucked behind an ashtray.

3. Cupboard left: Don’t forget to check the left cupboard for a hidden treasure.

4. Library Door: Finally, make sure to inspect the area around the Library Door for the fourth coin in the Foyer.

Upper Hallway (3 Coins)

1. Dumbwaiter: As you ascend to the Upper Hallway, be on the lookout for a coin next to the dumbwaiter.

2. Left cupboard behind dumbwaiter: Explore behind the dumbwaiter to discover a hidden coin in the left cupboard.

3. Windowsill Statue: The upper hallway also conceals a coin atop a windowsill statue. Make sure not to miss it.

Dining Room (2 Coins)

1. Pot on Table: In the Dining Room, there’s a coin sitting discreetly on the table. Grab it before you move on.

2. Scales near entrance: The second coin in the Dining Room can be found near the entrance, on the scales.

Temple (2 Coins)

1. Right of Swordchest: In the Temple area, a coin awaits to the right of the Swordchest.

2. Hat Trick with Cabinet: For the second coin, search around the Hat Trick with Cabinet.

Heine (2 Coins)

1. Behind drinking game: Find the first coin behind the drinking game in the Heine room.

2. Cupboard upper shelf: The second coin is tucked away on the upper shelf of a cupboard in Heine.

Knox (2 Coins)

1. Nightstand: Look for a coin on the nightstand in the Knox room.

2. Behind train station: The second coin is cleverly hidden behind the train station.

Dutton (2 Coins)

1. Left drawer below Safe: Check the left drawer below the safe for the first coin in the Dutton room.

2. Bedpost: The second coin can be found near the bedpost.

Library (2 Coins)

1. Right drawer of desk at entrance: As you explore the Library, be sure to check the right drawer of the desk near the entrance for a hidden coin.

2. Globe: The second coin in the Library can be located near the globe.

Kitchen (2 Coins)

1. Shelf jars right of sink: Keep an eye out for a coin on the shelf to the right of the kitchen sink.

2. Dumbwaiter (send up, click tile to right of dumbwaiter to unchain): In the kitchen, don’t forget to unchain the dumbwaiter to reveal another coin.

Burden (2 Coins)

Details for the Burden room are not available at this time. Please check back for updates.

Game Room (3 Coins)

1. Queue Rack: In the Game Room, a coin is hidden near the queue rack.

2. Cupboard in corner, right of chessboard: Search the right corner of the Game Room, near the chessboard, to find another coin.

3. Right side of bar, behind bottles: The third coin can be found behind the bottles on the right side of the bar.

Nursery (2 Coins)

Details for the Nursery are not available at this time. Please check back for updates.

Music Room (2 Coins)

1. On Harp Chair: The first coin in the Music Room can be discovered on the harp chair.

2. In Violin Box: The second coin is hidden inside a violin box in the Music Room.

Cellar/Workshop (3 Coins)

1. Storyboard: Look for a coin near the storyboard in the Cellar/Workshop.

2. Shelf above woodworking table: The second coin can be found on the shelf above the woodworking table.

3. Rightmost wine rack: Check the rightmost wine rack for the third coin in the Cellar/Workshop.

Storage Room (4 Coins)

1. Pig Troth Bucket: Start your search in the Storage Room by inspecting the pig troth bucket for a hidden coin.

2. Spider Barrel: The second coin is cleverly hidden near the spider barrel.

3. Jam Shelf near Toilet: Don’t forget to check the jam shelf near the toilet for another coin.

4. Glorious Poop Coin: Keep an eye out for the glorious poop coin, which is discreetly hidden in the Storage Room.

Bathroom (2 Coins)

1. Behind soap above bathtub: In the bathroom, a coin is cleverly hidden behind the soap above the bathtub.

2. Toilet water Reservoir: The second coin can be found near the toilet water reservoir.

Attic/Landing (6 Coins)

1. Seat near Knox figurine room entrance: As you ascend to the Attic/Landing, start by inspecting the seat near the Knox figurine room entrance for a hidden coin.

2. Near stairs on way up to landing: Don’t forget to check the area near the stairs as you make your way up to the landing.

3. Dutton figurine room, near bucket on shelf: In the Dutton figurine room, you’ll find a coin near the bucket on the shelf.

4. Dutton figurine room, behind vase, left: Another coin can be found behind a vase in the Dutton figurine room.

5. Near Temple’s figurine: Near the Temple’s figurine, make sure to search for another coin.

6. Behind grandfather clock: The final coin in the Attic/Landing is hidden behind the grandfather clock.

Stauf’s Bedroom (2 Coins)

1. Underneath book on left: In Stauf’s Bedroom, you’ll find a coin underneath a book on the left.

2. On shelf on the right: The second coin is located on a shelf on the right side of the room.

Chapel (3 Coins)

1. On table near final door: The Chapel contains a coin on the table near the final door.

2. On lamp table, right pew row: Check the right pew row for a coin located on a lamp table.

3. In front pew drawer: The third coin in the Chapel can be found inside the front pew drawer.

To further assist you in your quest to find all 50 coins, we recommend checking out the video guide provided by darkshoxx, who has put in tremendous effort to create an invaluable resource for fellow gamers.

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