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What is the Eye of Ra Tattoo Meaning? {Spiritual Meaning}

“Eye of Ra” I believe many of you either haven’t heard about this term or are not familiar with what exactly it is. People who have a keen interest in getting tattoos and finding new inspirations for their future work must know about Eye of Ra tattoos and what it signifies. This tattoo has become popular among youngsters over the past decades. It represents Ra, the ancient Egyptian god of the sky, and his capacity to keep an eye on and observe what you do. Let’s jump into the eye of ra tattoo meaning.

Ra, the deity of the heavens, could watch over you and see your every step. For millennia, this sign also demonstrates the light on the globe. This light can also represent the positive in the world and interpret as a symbol that can aid tattoo enthusiasts in warding off all of the evil energy and spirits that inhabit this world.

In general, this tattoo depicts an extended eye with a single line above the eye that shows the eyelid. There are also a few lines coming from beneath the eye. One of these lines will usually end curly, while the other will have an ornate design. This symbol has the look of a hawk’s eye at times.

It is commonly present in color (mainly green and blue) as well as the tribal style of just black and white. Of course, this pattern has numerous variations depending on the tattoo artist’s and the recipient’s ingenuity. Bring in a photo or a depiction of the symbol you like most.

The eye represents Horus’ right eye, lost while battling his brother Seth for the throne after Seth killed their father, Osiris. Horus was known as the god who resembles a bird, specifically a falcon, or a man with the head of a falcon. Horus’ right eye, commonly known as the sun eye, was given to his father, bringing him back to life, according to tradition. This is one of the reasons why people identify the sign as a symbol of rebirth and healing.

After the battle, another deity prepared the eye, which Horus presented to his father. It restored him to life, and therefore it became renowned as a healing symbol, and Horus became known as the Egyptian people’s protector. The eye of ra tattoo meaning was then put with mummies and worn as jewelry.

What’s the Difference Between the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Horus?

We’ve subsequently come to know the same ratios, proportions, alignments, and geometry that were put into use thousands of years ago. Even now spread across history, in present-day music, architecture, fashion, and cutting-edge technology. All sacred geometric designs and symbols employ mathematical patterns and ratios that are profoundly in our DNA and unconscious human thoughts.

The same ratios, proportions, alignments, and geometry found in nature as well as in hard science, mathematics, and physics, control the rules of the cosmos. The Greeks were masters of mathematics. However, sacred geometry exists for billions of years and only came into existence by humans in the last 10,000 years or so, possibly as early as 8,000 BC.

Sacred Mathematics and the Eye of Horus Tattoo:

Horus’ eye was magically fix-up by the sky goddess Hathor, according to ancient Egyptian mythology. And the restoration of Horus’ eye came to represent the healing and protection process. The Eye of Horus sign represents the whole control centre of the brain, commonly known as the “third eye” in its entirety. The pineal gland, pituitary gland, and hypothalamus are all located in the third eye (or third eye chakra). These glands are significant because they regulate everything you do, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Symbolic Meaning of the Eye of Ra:

The eye of ra tattoo meaning represents not just the symbol’s various spiritual meanings but also its cultural relevance. This sign comprises six separate components that represent thought, sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

The eye of Horus represents a divine intervention that will protect you from harm. Let us examine the Spiritual Significance of the Eye of Horus Tattoo.

1) Recovery

It has a therapeutic impact on people. The universe will direct you to the symbol if you require spiritual healing. What’s more, it might sometimes direct us to the Eye of Horus when a family member is ill and in need of healing.

2) Move on with your life.

People are too hard on themselves, and if they are unable just to move on. Their gloomy way of thinking can lead to a life of self-loathing and regret. When this occurs, the Eye of Horus instructs us to learn from our mistakes. You need to make reparations and evolve as human beings rather than focusing all of your energy on feeling regretful about what could have been.

3) Positive Luck

It represents power, positivity, hope, and good fortune. So, if you believe in the spirit and adopt the symbol into your life- you will attract prosperity and fortune and achieve your goals.

4) Defense against wicked powers

People have employed the Eye of Horus emblem for ages to fend against the effects of the evil eye. As a result, whenever you feel overwhelmed by the evil forces around you- Summon the spirit of the Eye of Horus to protect yourself from an awful circumstance.

If Egyptian symbiology and ancient mythology fascinate you, then an Eye of Ra tattoo is for you. Don’t forget that this tattoo can also symbolize protection and positivity in your life. This tattoo, whether in color or black & grey, is sure to wow. Consider any items you’d like to incorporate into the design. Or fit in the specified area to better display your personality.

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