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Eye of Horus Spiritual Meaning | Eye of Horus vs Eye of Ra

One of the oldest cultures in human history is the Egyptian civilization. Mythologies and gods abound in Egyptian history. Horus, the sky god whose eyes were the sun and moon, was one such divinity. Horus was an ancient sky god with the sun and moon as his eyes. The myth describes a fight between Horus and Set (Egyptian god of war, chaos, and storms). Much ancient mythology traces back to family disagreements that tore the gods apart. One such occurred in ancient Egypt between strong siblings and their offspring. And the consequences affected many aspects of Egyptian life. Let’s see what does the eye of horus symbol mean?

The Eye of Horus is a holy Egyptian symbol that emerged when the gods fought for supremacy. To keep evil at a distance. It represents healing, protection, renewal, rebirth, resurrection, and wholeness. The sign incorporates elements of art, anatomy, science, and mythology. As an allusion to the third eye, it refers to the “all-seeing eye”.

People also frequently see it in the jewellery of gold, silver, wood, porcelain, and carnelian to secure the bearer’s safety and health with eye of horus spiritual meaning. As well as bring wisdom and fortune. The “Eye of Ra,” a great destructive force linked with the sun’s intense heat, characterizes as the “Daughter of Ra.”

Symbolism of Eye of Horus Spiritual Meaning:

The picture of Horus’ eye is associated with extremely potent protection. It was only permitted to adorn the person or belongings of the pharaohs or kings. The deeper meaning of the eye of horus has the following remarkable features:

– Because Horus was the god of the sky, the eye is suggestive of a peregrine falcon. It is one of the fastest birds on the planet and an amazing hunter.

– A teardrop marking, as seen frequently on falcons.

– A connection to Ra, the solar god.

– On rare occasions, a blue iris.

– The symbols’ components correspond to the six senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch, and mind.

What Does the Eye of Horus Protect Against?

The eye has powers relating to protection, taking action, and wrath. They are the part of your body that have strong energy. And are capable of casting wicked spells with a single glance. People also believe that bad eyes might counter “good eyes,” which gave rise to ideas about the ‘Eye of Horus’ protective ability.

The Eye of Horus is depicted in hieroglyphics by seven different symbols, which means “take action” or “one who does.” It is still a very famous symbol throughout the world, and there are several ways for individuals to incorporate it into their lives. You can apply the Eye of Horus sign to your life in several ways, including:

  • Sailors used to paint the Eye of Horus on their ships. Because they believed it would protect them from adverse weather and evil powers. It is related to the evil eye symbol in this way. Similarly, vehicle owners can use the sign to protect their vehicles from accidents and harm.
  • It was also put in funeral monuments and amulets to offer the dead protection. Also, safety on their passage to the underworld. As well as to assure a good and safe afterlife.
  • Incorporating The Eye of Horus symbol in designer jewellery was also a part. Not only does the symbol look lovely and provide a personal touch to your jewelry, but it also wards against evil.

Why Do I Keep Seeing the Eye of Horus?

Today, the Eye of Horus still comes into use to ward off negative energies and offer good health, rejuvenation, energy, and vitality to those who wear it. It is present in homes to increase physical and mental safety. In magic spells, this symbol repels negative energy and attracts positive energy.

People have had the Eye of Horus spirit for ages because it provides them safety and stability. If you have overcome many obstacles in your life, the eye of horus spiritual meaning is ideal for you. This symbol represents many beautiful things, including conquering problems, improving oneself, feeling one with our higher self, and protecting against the evil eye spirit.

Eye of Horus vs Eye of Ra

Both the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra appear identical at first glance, but over time, the right eye became identified with Ra, the deity of the sun, order, monarchs, and the sky. The Eye of Ra is the Sun God Ra’s right eye, whereas the Eye of Horus is the falcon-headed Horus’ left eye.

The Eye of Horus denotes healing, wisdom, and protection, whereas the Symbolic Meaning of the Eye of Horus represents destructive energy that embodies power and violence. When Ra was the true Pharoah of Egypt, the narrative of the Eye of Ra begins. Feeling that his people had lost faith in him, he sent his eye, disguised as a lion, to punish humanity.

People associate the Eye of Ra with the use of violence to control one’s opponents and the sun’s destructive force. It is also a symbol of power, with its ability to protect the holy places and people. Both the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra are protective, but their origin stories reveal the true nature of their abilities.

Furthermore, the eye of horus spiritual meaning represents the moon, and the Eye of Ra represents the sun. In today’s world, you can use the right and left eyes interchangeably as the Eye of Horus, as it is the more prominent symbol.

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