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Eurybia Maelstrom Abilities, Weapons, History – Apocalypse Party

Eurybia Maelstrom, affectionately known as Eury, is a fascinating character in the Forgotten Realms Campaign of Nat19. This water genasi wizard has captured the hearts of viewers with her enigmatic personality, powerful magic, and unwavering loyalty to her best friend, Kyra Volcora. But who is Eurybia truly? What secrets does she hold? And what role does she play in the ongoing struggle against the elemental cults?

A Gentle Soul with a Playful Side

Beneath her calm exterior lies a playful spirit. Though gentle and compassionate, Eury isn’t afraid to stand her ground when defending her friends or facing danger. She possesses a competitive streak that emerges during playful exchanges with companions, adding a layer of lightheartedness to her otherwise serious demeanor.

Loyalty and Secrecy: Defining Traits of the Water Genasi

Eurybia’s devotion to Kyra is unwavering. She spent five years searching for a cure to Zara’s illness, even neglecting her own well-being to protect her friend. Her commitment to secrecy, however, sometimes creates tension. Keeping her whereabouts a secret from Kyra for five years, even while knowing her friend was searching desperately, speaks to the depth of her dedication to her mission.

A Journey of Discovery and Danger

Several years ago, Eurybia discovered that Zara, the elemental sustaining her village, was falling ill. The village elders sought to conceal the truth, but Eurybia refused to stand by. Determined to find a cure, she embarked on a perilous journey that took her away from her home and loved ones for five years. During this time, she faced countless dangers and challenges, all while maintaining her unwavering resolve.

A Reunion and a Renewed Quest

Eurybia’s journey ultimately led her to the Dessarin Valley, where she learned that the elemental cults’ activities were linked to Zara’s illness. This revelation brought her face-to-face with Kyra once again. After an emotional reunion, they joined forces to combat the cults and find a way to save Zara.

Magic and Mystery: Unveiling Eurybia’s Power

Eurybia wields powerful magic, evident in her mastery of spells like Find Familiar, Lightning Bolt, and Teleportation Circle. The flowery staff she carries serves as a conduit for her abilities, capable of producing mesmerizing displays of blooming flowers. While the full extent of her powers remains unknown, it’s clear that she is a force to be reckoned with.

A Symbol of Hope and Strength

Eurybia’s unwavering determination and unwavering loyalty serve as an inspiration to those around her. She stands as a beacon of hope in the face of adversity, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, courage and compassion can prevail.

The Future Unfolds: What Lies Ahead for Eurybia?

Eurybia’s journey is far from over. As she and her companions continue their fight against the elemental cults, new challenges and revelations await. Will she finally find a cure for Zara? Will she uncover the secrets behind the cults’ activities? And what role will she play in shaping the future of the Dessarin Valley? Only time will tell what fate awaits this enigmatic and powerful water genasi wizard.

Additional Notes:

  • Eurybia’s name holds significant meaning. In Greek mythology, Eurybia was the ocean goddess, symbolizing mastery and power over the seas. This connection further emphasizes her character’s deep connection to the water element.
  • Eurybia is the first and only character in the Forgotten Realms Campaign to have original artwork created by the talented Hazmi Thariq. This unique artwork adds another dimension to her character and allows viewers to visualize her more vividly.


Eurybia Maelstrom is a captivating character who has captivated viewers with her enigmatic personality, powerful magic, and unwavering loyalty. As her journey unfolds, we can expect to learn more about her past, unlock the secrets she holds, and witness her strength and determination play a pivotal role in the ongoing battle against the elemental cults.

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