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Ensemble Stars Cards Tier List Wiki March 2023

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Ensemble Stars Cards Tier List: Wiki Information

Game Information
Title – Raising Monster
Publisher – Happy Elements K.K
Genre – Life Simulation
File Size – 238.51 MB
Android: 238.51 MB
iOS: 238.51 MB
Download –
Android: Play Store
iOS: App Store
Ensemble Stars Cards Information

Ensemble Stars Cards Tier List

Tier Card
S- Tier
– Chiaki Morisawa (Leader of Justice), Eichi Tenshouin (Leader of Heaven), Hinata Aoi (Leader of Twin Stars), Hiiro Amagi (Leader of Cards), Hokuto Hidaka (Leader of Stars), Natsume Sakasaki (leader of Magic), Keito Hasumi (Leader of Crimson), Madara Mikejima (Leader of Festivals), Nagisa Ran (Leader of Paradise), Rei Sakuma (Leader of Demons), Rinne Amagi (Leader of Honey Bees), Shu Itsuki (Leader of Art) Subaru Akehoshi (More Sparkling), Tsukasa Suou (Leader of Loyalty), Tomoya Mashiro (Leader of Rabbits),
A- Tier – Hajime Shino (Adorable Flower), HiMERU (Secret Idol), June Sazanami (Courteous Beast) Kanata Shinkai (Ocean Lover), Leo Tsukinaga (Sensitive Composer), Midori Takamine (Mascots Lover), Mika Kagehira (Fledgling Artist), Mitsuru Tenma (Vigorous Sun), Niki Shiina (Carefree Chef) Tetora Nagumo (Enthusiast of Manliness), Wataru Hibiki (Pursuer of Love and Surprise), Yuta Aoi (Pair of Meteors), Yuzuru Fushimi (Obedient Butler)
B – Tier – Aira Shiratori (Idol Maniac), Ibara Saegusa (Strategic Tactician), Kanata Shinkai (Water and Life), Kaoru Hakaza (Free Breeze), Koga Ogami (Combative Spirit), Kaoru Makoto Yuuki (Knowledgeable Analyst), Mayoi Ayase (Bizarre Introvert), Nazuna Nito (The Overlooking Rabbit), Shinobu Sengoku (Ninja Lover), Tatsumi Kazehaya (Flexible Missionary), Tori Himemiya (Growing Little Wings), Sounma Kanzaki (Antique Samurai), Tsumugi Aoba (Guarding Bluebird)
C – Tier – Adonis (Silent Gentleman), Arashi Narukami (In Pursuit of Beauty), Hiyori Tomoe (Smiling Noble), Izumi Sena (Assertive Performer), Kohaku Oukawa (Task Receiver), Kuro Kiryu (The Dexterous Strong), Mao Isara (Caring Administer), Ritsu Sakuma (Casual Observer), Sora Harukawa (Glittering Yellow Comet), Subaru Akehoshi (Dazzling Stars)
D- Tier – N/A

This wraps up our Ensemble Stars tier list.

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