EMPTY SHELL: Basic Weapons Guide for Newbies

Welcome to the ultimate guide for new players diving into the challenging world of Empty Shell. Whether you’re just starting or looking to improve your gameplay, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about weapons, strategies, and essential tips to survive and thrive in this unforgiving game.

Unveiling Hidden Secrets

Empty Shell is riddled with hidden treasures behind concealed walls. These walls are not as wide as the surrounding borders and often require a detector (costing 200 creds) to locate. The hidden treasures behind these walls can significantly boost your arsenal and resources, so make sure to check each level thoroughly.

Choosing Your Weapon

In Empty Shell, your choice of weapons can make or break your survival. Here are some essential tips to help you decide:

  • Melee vs. Ranged: If you start with a melee weapon like a knife or hammer, consider switching to ranged weapons when facing small, fast enemies. Save your melee attacks for finishing off wounded foes.
  • No Melee in Firefights: Avoid bringing melee weapons to gunfights. Engage enemies with firearms from a distance, especially in mid to late game when enemies can unleash powerful attacks.
  • Invest in Shields: Spending 500 creds on a shield device early on is a wise decision. Shields are a game-changer, and you’ll find better gear and upgrades on stations as you progress.
  • Upgrades are Vital: As you venture deeper, upgrades become crucial. Prioritize stamina, ranged damage, crit chance, and damage, in that order. Having a strong character is key to your success.

Tackling Big Enemies

For players who prefer ranged combat, saving ammo for big enemies is essential. Big foes require strategy and patience. Learn enemy patterns, keep your distance, and use gadgets wisely. Kiting and maintaining your distance are often the keys to success.

Stamina: Your Best Friend

Keep an eye out for stamina upgrades. You’ll need them, especially in the later levels. Stamina is your lifeline, allowing you to dodge, run, and stay agile in the face of danger.

Recommended Loadouts

Consider these loadout options based on your playstyle:

  1. Stamina
  2. Ranged damage
  3. Crit chance and damage
  4. Health/protections

If you prefer melee combat, replace ranged damage with melee damage.

Boss Battle Tips for Woods Level

Facing a tough boss on the Woods level? Here’s a plan:

  • Equip a hunting rifle with plenty of large-caliber ammo.
  • Maintain distance and shoot, maximizing your stamina regeneration after dodging.
  • Avoid using sentry turret guns; they are not recommended.
  • Use your shield when stamina runs low or when you’re under attack.
  • Dodge the laser attacks, then retreat momentarily and walk to avoid getting hit.
  • The rolling phase is easier; maintain distance and keep shooting.

Melee Weapons: Choose Wisely

In the early game, you might need to rely on melee weapons, but not all are created equal. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Hammer: Low damage and range; upgrade to an axe.
  • Kitchen Knife: Decent damage but limited range; switch to an axe if ammo is scarce.
  • Iron Pipe: Good range; viable for level 1.
  • Shovel: Great range; effective against swarms.

Small Caliber Weapons

Small-caliber weapons are abundant and serve as ammo-saving options. Consider these choices:

  • Semi-auto rifle: Precise with long-range capabilities.
  • Type-99 SMG: Good accuracy; suitable for small enemies.
  • SA3 semi-auto: Shoots three bullets at once with moderate accuracy.

Medium Caliber Weapons

Medium-caliber weapons are versatile and plentiful. Notable choices include:

  • Muzi SMG: Suitable for level 1 or as a backup.
  • Automatic rifle: Effective with 20-round mags.
  • Battle rifle: High damage, ammo-saving, and a game-changer.

Large Caliber Weapons

While less common, large-caliber weapons pack a punch:

  • Hunting rifle: Ideal for big enemies and bosses.
  • Military sniper rifle: A more powerful option with a higher fire rate.
  • Hammer gun: A machine gun with excellent accuracy.

Energy Cells Weapons

Energy cell weapons are powerful but consume cells rapidly. Use them wisely:

  • Laser rifles: Available in light, semi-heavy, and heavy variants. Use sparingly.
  • Railgun: High damage, slow charge time; maintain distance.
  • Shock-gun: Effective against swarms but limited use.
  • Plasma rifle: Versatile and efficient, ideal for various situations.

Special Weapons (Explosive)

Explosive weapons can be risky, but they can turn the tide in desperate situations:

  • Rocket launcher: A lifesaver against big foes.
  • Grenade launcher: Effective for crowd control.
  • Anti-tank mines: Slow and damage enemies.
  • Throwing grenades: Suitable for swarms and tight spots.

Nails Ammo (Nailguns)

Nailguns are another option, appearing in the later levels. Choose the one that suits your playstyle.

12 Gauge Weapons (Most Useless Caliber)

Shotguns have high damage but require close encounters. Use them carefully:

  • Pump shotgun: Good for early levels.
  • Revolver shotgun: Effective for swarms.
  • Double-barrel shotgun: Risky and best used as a last resort.


Empty Shell is a challenging game with a variety of weapons and strategies. As a new player, understanding your options and adapting your playstyle is key to success. Armed with the knowledge and tips provided in this guide, you’re better prepared to conquer the game’s challenges.

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