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DMVR: Speedrun Strat for 100% Achievement

In the world of virtual driving, the DMVR Speedrun for a 100% achievement is the ultimate challenge. This guide is your key to success. We’ll walk you through each stage and provide tips and tricks to help you surpass the competition and achieve a perfect 100% score in this exhilarating game. Let’s dive into the details.

Cone Stage: Precision and Control

The Cone Stage is your initial test of precision and control. Here’s the strategy to master it:

  1. Drive Around the Course: Begin by navigating around the course. Maintain steady control of your vehicle.
  2. Bump into a Cone: Gently bump into one of the cones in a way that it tosses you back. This action may even result in a flip.
  3. Drive into the Flag Pole: After the bump, swiftly drive into the flag pole.

Parallel Parking Stage: A Bold Move

In the Parallel Parking Stage, we throw honor out of the window for an efficient approach:

  1. Straight into the Flag Pole: Drive straight into the flag pole without hesitation.

Right Turn Stage: Navigating the Off-Road Challenge

The Right Turn Stage demands off-road expertise. Follow these steps:

  1. Immediate Right Turn: Make a right turn immediately and venture off-road, heading straight for the pole. Keep an eye out for rocks on your path.

Final Stage: A Test of Precision

The Final Stage is all about precision and timing. Follow these instructions:

  1. Aim at the Right Fence: Approach the right fence from the left side.
  2. Out of Bounds Maneuver: Time it right and let the piston push you out of bounds when you’re returning. This may require a few attempts, so don’t hesitate to press R to restart quickly.
  3. Handling a Flip: If your car flips, don’t worry. Wait for a moment, and the game will automatically flip you over.
  4. The Home Stretch: As you approach the last part, drive onto the small hill on the right side.
  5. The Final Flag Pole: Time your entry and get on the last bit of the obstacle course. Drive into the flag pole, but be cautious. Going too fast might count as totaling your car before you pass.


You’ve done it! By following these strategies, you’ve achieved 100% completion in the DMVR game, earned yourself a DMVR license, and even got to enjoy a banger of a song. Speaking of which, YNW Lemmy’s lyrics perfectly capture the essence of the experience:

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“You wake up in the morning, you got drivin’ on your mind. You just got your license, that is priceless, yeah, that’s right All these chicken nuggets waiting, tryna watch you drive-by. And you gonn start the car cuz you got drivin’ on your mind. Yeah, you got drivin’ on your mind. Yeah, you got drivin’ on your mi-i-ind. Yeah, You got drivin’ on your mind. Yeah, You got drivin’ on your mind. Yeah, You got drivin’ on your mi-i-ind.” – YNW Lemmy.

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