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Dinkum Tarpon: Where To Find & How To Catch | Fishing Location Guide

Tarpon fishes are small and extremely hard to find fish because of their size and how the map in Dinkum is generated. But, I am here to help you to find where you can catch Tarpon.

Dinkum Tarpon Location: Where to Find?

I found the Tarpon in Billabong ponds in this Dinkum Game. It can appear at any time of the day and season; the value of the fish is 3960 Dinks. The most difficult part about finding the Tarpons is their habitat. The island has mixed biomes, some places should be Billabong ponds, but they are not. You can find all about each fish, their locations, appearance requirements and value in this guide: Dinkum Complete Fishing List.

Where to Find Billabongs Pond?

Fishing plays a significant role in Dinkum. It allows extra Permit Points when you buy your first fishing rod in John’s Tent. You will be able to give all your first catches to Theodore and get 100 Permit Points for them all. Make the best of profit from John because some of the fishes sell for a lot.

We can find this fish in the Billabongs that are small ponds and lakes on the map. The best part is you can also get the Tarpon at any time of the day. Once caught, it will be seen in your fish book. There are latest updates in which we can see which area belongs to what region. Just open up the map and place the marker on the location you want to find.

But, an important thing to remember is just one block-wide area does not count as fish need a larger area to live. We need to find Mangrove Jack and complete the collection after fishing. Hope you liked my guide for Tarpon Fishing Guide.

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