Dinkum John’s Goods | Tools and Items Price List Guide 2022

Dinkum is the newest farming and crafting game on steam with a 10/10 rating. Building a town in this game is pretty hard if you’re not prepared. This Dinkum John’s Goods Price List is going to have all the necessary information related to the same. This is going to help you to turn a bigger profit while visiting John’s shop.

Discover hot deserts, cold billabongs, and tropical eucalyptus trees on an island that was inspired by the unruly Australian outback.

Dinkum Price List – All Trade Costs

There’s no better person than trader John when it comes to generating in Dinkum. For sure, you’re going to see him more than expected around the town. This Dinkum Price List has all the rates that John may purchase from you. Making money is going to be simpler in Dinkum.

Agriculture – Dinkum John’s Goods

Name of the itemsCost
Grass Seed$2
Yellow Wattle Flower$145
Billy Button$140
Wattle Seed$55
Gum Nut$4
Palm Tree Seed$4
Pumpkin Seed$390
Prickly Pear Flesh$600
Wheat Seeds$360
Pumpkin Seeds$390

Tools & Equipments for Dinkum John’s Goods

Name of the itemsCost
Fishing Rod$630
Metal Detector$906
Watering Can$5000
Stone Grinder$5000
Grain Mill$7525

Crafting Items

Name of the itemsCost
Wooden Crate$754
Simple Animal Trap$2738
Crude Furnace$554
Wooden Torch1$4
Copper Spear$2181
Iron Spear$5281
Wooden Chest$2200
Brick Flowerbed$19
Bee Hive$9150


Name of the itemsCost
Stylish ArmChair$899
Stylish Chair$653
Golden Jackaroo Statue$160000
Long White Coffee Table$410
Eastern Coffee Table$984
Green Chair$935
Regal Lamp$1088
Dainty Coffee Table$873
Regal Sofa$1088
Wooden Couch$984
Green Lamp$1184
Pink Chair$935
Rattan Table$1371
Purple Vase$244
White Dinner Table$578
Small Stack of Books$984
Roo Plush$6088
Eastern Bedside Table$302
Wooden Chest of Drawers$389
Green Coffee Table$1384
Desert Rose Pot$480
Rattan Couch$984
Regal Drawers$1088
Rattan Bookshelf$1484
Warm Nordic Cabinet$1300
Pink Carpet$250
Blue Pattern Wall$250


Name of the itemsCost
Daisy Shorts$2500
Ear Hats$835
Blue T Shirt$1075
Black Coat$2560
White Flats$1675
Straw Sun Hat$1350
Red Dress$795
Blue Shorts$903
Pink Sneakers$750
Blue Flat Cap$525
Purple Shirt$540
Adventure Hood$7200
Skull Shirt$1034
Yellow Shorts$903
Feather Shirt$934
Pink Polka Dot Shirt$1000
Pinstripe Jacket$4000
Blue Bucket Hat$165
Fairest Dress$1015
Green Puffy Jacket$1500
Red Sneakers$1130
Green Beanie$825
Green Overall Dress$1125
Modern Glasses$2000
Kahkey Boots$1000
Green Pants$1000
Chicken Hood$9875
Fake Beard$2000
Red Flat Cap$525
White Sneakers$1400
Yellow Boots$515
Brown Pants$1000
Pink Singlet$600
Blue Flat Cap$525
Swimming Goggles$1765
Aussie Hat$2250
Blue Jeans$450
Space Suit Shoes$2500
Black Boots$1800
Yellow B Shirt$1304
Black Jeans$1450
Blue Sneakers$750
Ninja Boots$1800
Retro Point Glasses$1600
Purple Puffy Jacket$1500
White Baseball Cap$375
Adventure Hood$7200
Yellow Sneakers$1800
Pink Polka Dot Pants$1000
Black Flat Cap$525
Blue Ugly Sweater$1153
Business Pants$1000
Pirate Hat$2525
Chequer Vest$1000
Ninja Shirt$3000
Brown Sand Shoes$403
Yellow Gum Boots$1800
Tradie Boots$515
Purple Cuffed Pants$1507
Sun Hat$1950
Green Cardigan Dress$1225
Rain Hat$1396
Yellow Polka Dot Dress$865
Kahkey Shorts$1000
Ninja Pants$3000
Red Cuffed Pants$1507
Pirate Coat$5940
Green Cuffed Pants$1507
Orange Flanney Dress$1180
Large Round Glasses$1600
Fake Mustache$1400
Camo Boots$655


Name of the itemsCost
Palm Wood$150
Gum Log$100
Tin Ore$25
Copper Ore$50
Iron Ore$100
Mangrove Stick$90
Bottle Tree Wood (Hardwood)$280
Spiniflex Tuft$10
Quartz Crystal$200
Shiny Stone$100

Refined Resources – Dinkum John’s Goods

Name of the itemsCost
Palm Wood Plank$225
Gum Wood Plank$150
Hardwood Plank$250
Tin Bar$500
Copper Bar$1000
Iron Bar$2000
Tin Sheet$275
Spinifex Resin$10

Copper Bar is only available on John’s Goods every Wednesday.

Buried Barrel Items

Name of the itemsCost
Button Board$2335
Old Toy$2385
Smooth Slate$1490
Old Gear$525
Old Spring$920
Glass Bulb$1035
Old Contraption$15090
Shiny Disk$1480
Bright Wires$1270
Sliding Handle$1185
Old Wheel$1320
Green Board$9120
Hot Cylinder$3090
Old Key$4080

Food (Dinkum – Shop/Trapping Price List)

Name of the itemsCost
Chicken Egg$350
Big Chicken Egg$545
Meat (uncooked)$400
Cooked Meat$800
Quandong (uncooked)$110
Cooked Quandong$220
Bush Lime (uncooked)$90
Cooked Bush Lime$190
Cactus Fig (uncooked)$100
Cooked Cactus Fig$250
Cooked Banana$290
Cooked Apple$390
Croco Meat$625
Cooked Croco Meat$1750
Raw Drumstick$350
Cooked Drumstick$700
Raw Giant Drumstick$500
Cooked Giant Drumstick$1500
Cooked Flake$1900
Raw Prime Meat$2000
Cooked Prime Meat$6000
Meat on a Stick$1612
Wattle Brew$1160
Glowing Mushroom$35
Dagwood Dog$1060
Fruit Bowl$440
Garden Salad$3189


Name of the itemsCost
Blue Spot Flathead$998
Jungle Perch$1200
Barcoo Grunter$1290
River Bass$2784
Eye Stripe Surgeon$3996
Eel Tailed Catfish$1408
Mangrove Jack$3498
Silver Perch$1708
Black & White Snapper$1992
Boofhead Catfish$2103
Banded Morwong$4320


Name of the itemsCost
Cassidae Shell$7
Buccinidae Shell$10
Tonnidae Shell$6
Scallop Shell$5
Syrinx Shell$80
Nautilus Shell$20
Sand Dollar$10


Name of the itemsCost
White Yabbie$980
Bay Bug$4540
Blue Mussel$799
Fresh Water Mussel$880
Tiger Prawn$1694
Spiny Sea Urchin$640
Inland Crab$740
Bogong Moth$260
Pink Sea Urchin$1540
Purple Mottled Crab$440
Black Sea Cucumber$12540
Mud Crab$4540
Biscuit Sea Star$1200

Unsorted Items (Dinkum | All Prices Of John’s Goods)

Name of the itemsCost
Crocodile Tooth$3680
Termite Nest$38
Toad Skin$200
Old Sign$10480
Bottle Brush$245
Flame Sac$5250
Bat Wing$900
Plant Book$18000
Animal Feed$50

Goodluck for Dinkum Trade Cost List 2022. Will update the lost, if needed. Let me know your feedback or queries in the comment section below.

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