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Dinkum – Find Shady Visitor Jimmy Guide: How & Where to Meet Him?

It’s confirmed! The new character named Shady Visitor Jimmy is finally here in the Dinkum. Of course, you have heard about him during the loading screens in the Dinkum Game. Let me spill the beans for you that there are very few people who have met this guy as he is a shady visitor. If you did so, you are really lucky or a pro in this game. For those who have never met him, please spare some skills to meet him as he sells an extremely valuable and magical item.

Shady Visitor Jimmy

Who is the Shady Visitor in Dinkum?

Jimmy is the Shady Visitor in Dinkum who is a trader. You are hardly ever going to see him but he always comes to your island on his boat. Whatever he sells is going to cost permit points instead of the Dinks. Let me tell you another fact you are hardly going to meet the Shady Visitor who is just another person you are ever going to meet.

Advantages or Perks of Meeting the Shady Visitor?

Gold Pocket Watch: Want to bring the speed back to normal? Simply press the action button again. Yup, you read that right, It is the power of the Gold Pocket Watch. It costs 20,000 permit points and you can buy it from Jimmy. It makes your time foes 10 times faster, just select it and click the action button once.

Red Hand Glider: Another great item that you can buy from Shady Visitor is Read Hand Glider which can be used to move from one place to another place faster. All you have to do is equip it and jump. And, after jumping press, the action button, and you will start gliding once your glider will open. Also, your movement keys could be used to steer your glider. Good luck!

50% Extra Dinks Could be Sold: The Shady Visitor Jimmy is going to buy items from you in the bulk quantity that is fifty or more. The fun part is he is going to give you double the amount of Dink for them. And, is it a white lie, don’t fall for it. 😛

Though I’ve tested him on multiple tests and this is the result. Yes, he is going to give you 50% more of John’s value instead of doubling the value. Just compare it by dividing John’s offer by two and then adding it in John’s OG price. The result is going to be Jimmy’s price.

But, obviously, this is going to be a win-win deal as he gives more for bulk items than John would offer. The choice is yours!

Shady Visitor Jimmy Shop Inventory: List Items

Here is the complete list that you can buy from Shady Visitor Jimmy:

Name of the ItemsPermit Points
Boom Box6,000 Permit Points
Gold Paint1,000 Permit Points
Golden Bush Devil Statue720 Permit Points
Red Hand Glider1,600 Permit Points
Gold Pocket Watch20,000 Permit Points

Extra Information: One of the best things about the Shady Visitor is the Golden Pocket and Red Hang Glider that you can buy from him. And, why these two? Let’s move further to the reason.

Keep in mind that Jimmy only sells items in the exchange for Permit Points.

How to Meet Shady Visitor Jimmy in Dinkum?

There is no fixed location to meet Shady Visitor Jimmy in Dinkum. However, don’t worry I am going to help you with his location. Follow these tips to increase your chances of meeting them.

  1. The most important tip is to find a question mark sign on the map if it’s raining. All you have to do is open your map and zoom out to see the complete map. Found a question mark over there? Voila, you found him. He is going to be in his boat.
  2. A few times, I got a mail that Shady Visitor has appeared on your island. Maybe, you can get it too.

What Else do you Need to Keep in Mind?

These are some additional tips only. Keep extra 21,600 Permit Points to buy the Gold Pocket Watch and Red Hang Glider from him. I always keep track on the map whenever a new day starts, especially if it’s raining as I don’t want to miss the chance to meet him. 

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