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Dinkum Money Making Guide| How to Pay your Debt in Dinkum?

There are a lot of villagers that you need to look after and do odd jobs to get ahead in the Dinkum game. They helps you to pay with the bills, sometimes. This detailed guide is going to be all about how to pay your debt in Dinkum.

Dinkum Make Money Fast: How to Get Dinks Quickly

Dinkum Money Making Guide tells us how to make money in Dinkum with the best possible ways to make money in the game. There are 5 ways basically.

  1. By selling items, Bugs, Fish and Critters that you harvest. The rule is Crafted items and Cooked Food will sell for more money than the base items. One of the most important aspects of Dinkum Money Making Guide.
  2. Completion of the Bulleting Board Tasks.
  3. Selling the Amber/ Large Gems or Beehives.
  4. Completion of the Favors that rewards as Dinks.
  5. Gaining interest in the Bank.

Easiest way to earn money in the Dinkum is by selling the Wood and later Planks. Or, by selling he large gems like Rubies that can be found in the Mines. That’s all with the Dinkum Money Making Guide.

Best Way to Make Money in Dinkum

With the John’s Goods Built, the Metal Detector will be available to be purchased for 7,000 Dinks. Yes, these are a lot of Dinks but they can be back to us with this method. The Metal Detector is really helpful to find the hidden treasures that are really valuable. Trust me on that.

You can sell those as well. Now, just in case you’ve discovered the Amber Chunks, whoa, you just hit the Jackpot because they can be sold to up to 10,000 Dinks. Another way is you can get up to 2-4 rubies in a day, that can be sold up to 40,000 to 80,000 Dinks. Do not sell Old Keys or Shiny Discs to John as they can be used to open up Gates in the Mines. Our ultimate goal is to unlock the Mines and take the elevator down and hunt for the Rubies. Once done, just hunt and grad the Ruby and return to the elevator and continue searching. Even if you faint in the mine, remaining rubies will be there. And, Rubies can be sold at the scale in John’s Goods. 

How to Be Debt-Free in Dinkum? (Some Secrets Revealed)

Debt is an interesting feature just like the real life. Debt makes us more responsible for the money that you have borrowed, that must be return. I took a loan from the Town Hall in Fletch’s tent whenever I have a new deed we want to place in the game. Fletch says, we can pay in back anytime, and other people will be contributing towards it.

The villagers obviously helps us with the debt, but in very small amounts. Sooner debt returns means better deeds. Approach the town hall notice behind Fletch. A donation box will be there to see the amount that you may have left to pay off. Now, enter the number that you want to pay to the town hall which will go towards erasing the debt. 

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