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Dinkum- How to Get/Use the Metal Detector Guide

Dinkum is a brand new life simulation game based on the actual environment of Australia. Dinkum has lots of tasks to accomplish, like different jobs, crafting, mining, building, survival, exploration, and many more objectives to complete.

But one of the most efficacious and productive aspects of Dinkum is to make money as soon as possible. Because the entire progression of the game is constricted behind the Dinks (in-game currency).

What is a Metal Detector Guide?

So, there are loads of hidden treasures buried on the island, and there is no way to locate those treasures without a metal detector.

In short, a metal detector helps you find hidden treasures that contain highly profitable items, stones, and ores. Rubies are very rare items that sell on a very high note to John. 

If you grind and farm hidden treasure with a metal detector, it will ultimately make you rich in no time as those items sell for a high price. 

Metal Detector

How to Use the Metal Detector 

There are certain things you need to do if you really want to use a metal detector at its full potential with ease. Of course, a metal detector is one of the most efficient ways to make money in the early stages of the game, but there are a few other items and investments needed to get a metal detector as below:

  1. Buy an excavation and metal detecting license from Fletch 
  2. Get ready with a shovel in your bag.
  3. Equip the metal detector and scan the area while roaming.
  4. You need to hold the left mouse click to scan the surface.
  5. Once you are close to the treasure, the volume of the beep will increase.
  6. When a green circle pops up on the ground, change to your shovel.
  7. Dig in and enjoy your treasure. 

Level 2 Metal Detector Skill

There is an upgrade available for the metal detector. And you don’t need to use, activate, or hold the mouse button to locate the treasure. Instead, it will mark the ground with a slight gray cross, which indicates the potential hidden treasure. You can directly dig across the cross area with a shovel to get the hidden treasure. 


Level 2 metal detector skill allows you to find hidden treasures without using a detector. Once you unlock the next level you will notice that there are some small gray crosses on the ground. If you dig where the cross is, you may find some hidden items under the ground. You’ll still need a metal detector to find a few items. That doesn’t make metal detectors completely useless. But this is faster and easier than walking around with a metal detector.

You may search the entire island for more riches and treasures. We are also uploading video guides about Dinkum on our channel. Kindly visit and hit subscribe! Thanks and hope it helps. 

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