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The Dinkum Full Fish List you can Catch | Dinkum Fishing Guide

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Reet Kaur

Dinkum is a well-developed game that has a lot to offer in the Early access only. If you play Dinkum, you must be aware that Fishing in Dinkum is a good way to gain some extra money, however, it taxes your patience after a while. You can supplement your income if you catch good fish.  It does take a lot of time, yet, there are so many timing mechanics that you need to take care of. Let’s dig into the guide to know all the Dinkum Full Fish Lists you can catch.

This Guide is going to have all the necessary information on the Dinkum Fish List on every fish species and where they can be located.

Dinkum Fishing Guide – How to Catch a Fish

I know there are so many Dinkum Fishing guides, and in this post, I did my best to give you the steps as easily as I could get.

  1. Once you got selected your Fishing Rod is selected in the toolbar, press your Right mouse Button to cast your line. The longer you selected, the farther your line will be cast. All you have to do is Aim and Cast your line at a fish.
  2. Right after a fish has taken interest in your beat, come closer and pay attention to the bobber. There are many fishes that could lead to the timing of the bite.
  3. Now, conserve your stamina to do the process easily and effortlessly.
  4. Even if you didn’t get the fish, don’t feel bad. Keep trying to learn the mechanism.

All Fish Locations, Season and Time in Dinkum

Once you got your hands on the art of fishing in Dinkum, you’ll be tasked with filling the museum with species from the bodies of water around the town.

Name of the FishLocationSeasonTime
AnchovySouthern OceansFall and WinterMorning and Night
Blue Spot FlatheadNorthern and Southern OceanSummer, Fall, and SpringMorning and Afternoon
Barcoo GrunterRivers and Billabongs and MangrovesAnyAny
Black and White SnapperNorthern and Souther OceansFall and SpringAfternoon
Boofhead CatfishMangrovesSummer, Fall, and SpringNight
BluefishNorthern and Southern OceansAnyAny
BlackfishBillabongs and RiversSpringAny
Banded MorongNorthern and Southern OceansWinterAny
BarramundiRiversFall, Winter, and SpringAny
BarracudaNorthern OceansSummer, Fall, and SpringNight
Blob FishSouthern OceansFall and WinterNight
CarpRivers and MangrovesAnyAny
Eel Tailed CatfishMangrovesAnyAny
Eyestripe SurgeonfishNothern OceansSummer and SpringAfternoon
GarfishNorthern and Southern OceansWinter and SpringAny
GraylingBillabongs and RiversFall and WinterAfternoon
Goat FishSouthern OceansSummer and SpringAny
Golden PerchRiversSpringMorning
Jungle PerchRivers and BillabongsAnyAny
LuderickNorthern OceansWinterAfternoon
Murray CodRiversWinter and SpringMorning
Mangrove JackMangrovesAnyAny
MarlinSouthern OceansFall and WinterAfternoon
River BassRivers and MangrovesSummer and SpringAny
Silver PerchRivers and BillabongsFall and WinterAny
StingrayNothern OceansSummer and FallNight
SaratogaBillabongsSummer and AutumnNight
Short Finned EelBillabongsAllNight
TravallaNorthern OceansFall and SpringAny
Yellowfin TunaNorthern and Southern OceansFall and SpringMorning and Night

That is it for the All Fish Locations, Season and Time in Dinkum. Have any doubt? Let us know in the comment section.

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Published by
Reet Kaur

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