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Dinkum Deep Mine Guide Location, Tips & Tricks, Risks and Rewards

Welcome to my Deep-Depth Guide about the Deep Mine Location and Tips along with its Rewards. First things first, let’s talk about how to build and access the Deep Mine. Unlocking it requires a lot of completion of the multiple steps. Let’s jump into how to unlock the Deep Mining in Dinkum.

To build the Main entrance, we must have the Deep Mine license from Fletch for 3,500 Permit points. It becomes available once you have purchased the Mining License Level 2 that unlocks once your Mining Skill ranks 10. Right after buying the license, we need to build the Mine Entrance Deed. The construction must have:

  • 10 Bags of Cement
  • 10 Old Gear
  • 1 Old Contraption
  • 2 Old Keys
  • 5 Tin Bars
  • 5 Copper Bars

The mineshaft will have to be built on a 3*3 flat ground and it takes 1 full day for the construction to be completed as soon as all the necessary materials have been deposited. They will also put your town in 250,000 debt as the construction is going to take a full day to complete. Once the entrance is built, you will be need a Mine pass. 

Dinkum Deep Guide Location

How to Get the Mine Pass in Dinkum?

The Deep Mine is a high-risk, high-reward location with multiple unique resources along with a chest to find the items that are not found anywhere else. It is a single-use item to allow you to enter the Deep Mine, and it costs for 25,000 Dinks. It might seem expensive but can be easily earned by finding the Rubies and other rare resources to be sold to John

How to Unlock the Deep Mine in Dinkum?

Dinkum Deep Guide Ruby Tips:

  1. To get the best out of Deep Mine, maximize your time underground and enter the Mine in the morning.
  2. The food is a must to restore energy (obviously :P) while mining and health after being attacked. I drained out all of the stamina pretty easily and let’s assume it is pretty obvious especially on the mining ores. I ate Lamington as it gives a Mining boost and added defense from the creature attacks.
  3. Bring the torches (both electric and wooden) as the wooden torches are going to provide some ample lighting in the dark mines to find your way back down to the elevator.
  4. This game is all about the wildlife and there are a bunch of animals so make sure to know your wildlife really well to survive the encounters.
  5. Bring out your essentials and empty the inventory as well.
  6. And, Bring out a bunch of old keys from breaking drum barrels or from metal detecting.

Dinkum Deep Mine Rubies

There are nodes with red crystals within the Deep Mine. Breaking this node will give you a huge Ruby that you can carry on the top of your head. Fetch from somewhere around 50,000 to 80,000 Dinks if you sell them to the John’s Goods. They can also fetch a big amount of Dinks. So, it was all about the Dinkum Deep Mining Guide, hope you liked it all. 🙂

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