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Darkest Dungeon 2 Occultist Build Guide Wiki

Welcome to the Darkest Dungeon 2 : Best Occultist Build Guide.

“A lifetime of scholarly inquest into ancient and forbidden lore has opened the Occultist’s mind to the powers of the void. Debilitating curses and maddeningly impossible support skills are his specialty. The void, however, is an unpredictable power, and consequently skills’ effectiveness can vary dramatically, and usually come at a cost of light, or stress.”

Occultist are generally played as backliners that heal by using the Wyrd Reconstruction skill, which can heal for a very high amount in exchange for sometimes causing bleed. They are also used to pull enemies by using the Daemon’s Pull skill, which can take backliners on the opposing team and put them into the frontline where your own frontliners can beat on them. He is capable of all the damages majorly in the Darkest Dungeon 2 that has the patience to master the character mainly. He is capable of burst melee and ranged damage and a heal that can take a hero on Death’s Door back up to almost full health.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Occultist Class Description


Darkest Dungeon 2: Best Occultist Skills

Weakening Curse
Daemon’s Pull
Sacrificial Stab
The Burning Stars
Wyrd Reconstruction

It is important for the Occultist to have two stacks of the Unchecked Power as soon as possible. . The Burning Stars is one of the hugest hits in the game and requires it. The healing from Wyrd Reconstruction is far better when the skill has been upgraded and two of the stacks of Unchecked Power is achieved.

To get these two stacks, place combo markers with Weakening Curse and Daemon’s Pull, then cash in on them with Sacrificial Stab. Binding Shadows would also work, but it moves the Occultist forward and into harm’s way so think build goes with Sacrificial Stab. Even the most experienced players struggle to obtain a clear idea of what Ordainment genuinely achieves due to its cryptic nature.

The Darkest Dungeon 2 game setting required to explore landscapes packed with the terrible creatures and brutal teraain. These boosts can provide enemies an advantage in battle, frequently in the form of greater health and resistance to harm. The Ordainment will be increasing the players as near the end of a run.

Darkest Dungeon 2: Occultist Trinklets

Indelible Seeing Sapphire
Indelible Heat Shield

It gives a 66% chance of applying a negative token to an enemy grabbed by Daemon’s Pull. A perfect Plague Doctor build can clear fire damage from the Occultist, making him an excellent teammate. The Occultist permanently gains access to 6 skills over 5 Chapters through accessing memories in the Shrine of Reflection. Hope you liked the Darkest Dungeon 2 : Best Occultist Build Guide.

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