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All Crown Mines Gold Nucleus Locations – Tower Of Fantasy Guide

Here you are going to find all the information related to the locations of the Gold Nucleus that is all scattered around the Crown Mines in the tower of Fantasy game. Gold Nuclei are an important part of the currency system of the game as the players can use them to buy characters, weapons, and many more things. Let’s go into the guide to break down all the Gold Nucleus locations in the Crow Mines area in the Tower of Fantasy. 

Tower Of Fantasy – All Crown Mines Gold Nucleus Locations

There are around 32 known Gold Nuclei that are scattered all around the Crown Mines area in the game.

Gold Nucleus Location – Miner’s Camp

There are two of the Nuclei in this area with two of them being inside the supply pods on the central tower in the area.

Gold Nucleus Location – Goldrush Mountain

There are 5 of them available surrounding the Goldrush Mountain area. The one located in the north requires throwing a purple sphere into a purple Earthphyte and others require a bit of struggle to find, but you’ll get them for sure.

Gold Nucleus Location – Forgotten Land

It has 8 spots to explore to find out the multiple Gold Nuclei scattered around the area. Few of them require throwing the spheres into different colored Earthphytes.

Gold Nucleus Location – Northern Crown Omnium Tower

North of the Crown Omnium Tower, there are three Gold Nuclei where one of them on the east can be found while shooting down a flying droid. Another one can be found to the north that can be found by using an ice attack on a Lava pit.

Gold Nucleus Location – The Lumina

Three is here on and around the Lumina Ship.

Gold Nucleus Location – Seaforth Dock & Rose Garden

There are four Gold Nuclei; one in the North of the Seaforth Dock and three are spread through the Rose Garden.

Gold Nucleus Locations – Unmapped Nuclei

6 Gold Nuclei are found there that can be found around the map as well.

  1. It requires the player to follow a laser trail from the tower in the miners’ camp.
  2. Located on the edge of the Fiendish Swamp on a plank that overlooks the lake inside a Type II supply pod.
  3. You’ll be having a drone when shot down and drops the next Gold nucleus.
  4. Right between the northern Gold Nuclei shown on the map and the three Northeast, an additional one was found in a type II supply pod.
  5. Towards the South of the Rose Garden in the beach area, I found a Type II supply pod in the water that can be unlocked.
  6. At the end of Lumina, we can find a control panel to unlock a Supply pod with the code 1024.

That’s all about the all crown mines gold nucleus locations in the tower of fantasy game. ll crown mines gold nucleus location map in India has a lot of stuff to read. Read about the Tower of Fantasy Tier List.

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