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Village Rhapsody: Country Rhapsody Task Process Strategy

The Village Rhapsody is a new trending game on the Steam. Welcome to the “Country Rhapsody” task process strategy .

Main Task Process Guide: Village Rhapsody

Task 1: Plant 20 orchids [4 orchid seeds] for the village chief, interact with Aunt Mei to get a sachet, and go to the second floor to trigger the plot after interacting with the village chief.

Task 2: Buy comics [200 gold coins] for Hongying. Buy comics at the grocery store, and interact with Hongying the next day after delivering the task to trigger the plot.

Task 3: Prepare [200 wood] for the carpenter to repair the bridge. The suspension bridge triggers the task of finding a carpenter to repair the bridge. After delivery, the carpenter agrees to repair the bridge the next day.

Task 4: Get [1 Terrazzo] in the abandoned mine for the butcher, and get an ax +1 after delivery.

Task 5: Collect [5 ginseng] in the dense forest for the monk of Leiyin Temple, and get the Buddhist beads after delivery.

Task 6: Observe the family harmony of Mrs. Tree Root at night. Remarks: You need to talk to Sister-in-Law’s family in advance. At night, there is an exclamation mark at the door of the house, and then enter the door to trigger it.

Task 7: Prepare [50 wood] for Zhao Mushroom Chicken Coop, and interact with the carpenter to complete the task.

Task 8: Help Shi Bo [digging 10 lands] for Feiying. To get the task at the field next to Shibo, you need to talk to Feiying and Shibo in advance.

Task 9: Plant 20 corn [7 corn seeds] for Feiying to help Shi Bo’s family.

Task 10: Prepare [40 Thatch] for Mrs. Tree Root.

Task 11: Plant 30 wheat [6 wheat seeds] for Zhao Shiitake Mushroom, trigger the plot after delivery.

Follow-up to Mission 9: Interact with Mrs. Tree Root to trigger the plot.

Task 12: Plant 10 tricolor flowers [4 tricolor seeds] for Feiying.

Task 13: Find a donkey for Bao Long in the abandoned mine, and get cigarettes after delivery, and talk to Bao Long in advance.

Task 14: Plant 30 mustard greens [6 mustard seeds] for Aunt Mei, and the story will be triggered after delivery.

Task 15: Plant 13 psychedelic flowers [6 psychedelic flower seeds] for the fox demon, go to Bao Long’s house to trigger the child to beat the fox and wait until night to trigger the plot.

Task 16: Prepare bacon for the dog, ask the owner of the grocery store and say that he needs [1 pork], put the clip in the dense forest, there is a probability that it will come out the next day, and milk the cow once on the same day.

Follow-up to task 16: Smoke and milk the cow for the second time the next day, deliver the bacon to the dog, skip directly to the next day, and use the first cigarette.

Task 17: Smoking and milking the cow for the third time, trigger the plot, skip directly to the second day, and use the second cigarette.

Follow-up to task 15: Deliver the psychedelic flower to the fox, use the third cigarette, skip directly to the next day.

Task 18: Find 20 old bamboo leaves in the dense forest for the village chief, and give them to the village chief’s wife. The task will be automatically triggered when the village chief comes to the door.

Mission 19: For the wife of the village chief, peek at the conversation between the village chief and Zhao Xianggu at night.

Task 20: Find money from the village chief’s private house for the village chief’s wife [flower pots, refrigerator tops, trash cans, bedside tables, washing machines], and trigger the scene of persuasion the next day.

Task 21: Catch 5 fish for the snake demon, and help the village chief find the snake the next day. The fourth cigarette was used at the pier when he arrived.

Task 22: Find love earthworms in the dense forest for the snake demon, and then use love earthworms to catch six-eyed flying fish to trigger the plot.

Task 23: Prepare [30 fluff grass, 50 wood, 10 miscellaneous fish] for the grocer.

Mission 24: On the second day of the festival, the village chief notifies Shi Bo of his death, which triggers the plot.

Task 25: Trigger the village chief’s retirement plot the next day.

After testing, two video tapes and two kinds of baits can be adjusted, without affecting the ending.

That’s it for the Country Rhapsody Task Process Strategy.

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