[Country Rhapsody] Customs Clearance Suggestions and Strategies (to Blacksmith Feifei)

Download the patch before you want to shudder. There is an article [Planting Recommendation + NPC Raiders Task Process] next door, which contains a rather large game map. The full game time is about 4-5 hours.

Let me talk about the problems that many people will encounter.
1. Planting plants must first Cut the grass clean with a sickle, and then use a hoe to dig out a piece of land to
plant. 2. The land that can be planted is only in the home area, followed by Shibo’s house that will be opened with the mission.
3. Plants can be watered or rainy days One day later
4. The donkey needs to be illuminated, just find a carpenter to make ordinary street lights.

I think other guides are too trivial. I just order the materials needed for the task. It is recommended to plant as soon as possible, otherwise the plants will be stuck for four at a time. Five days is a waste of time.

20 orchids, 1 terrazzo, 20 corn ,40 pasture ,30 wheat, three types of chrysanthemums, 10 each, 30 mustard greens, 13 psychedelic flowers, purple marijuana and pepper, at least 20 and 10. Anyway, if there is more land, plant these two to reach this amount.
15 miscellaneous Fish, 1 pork, 20 bamboo leaves, at least 300 wood, others can be sold, 4 for gold mines, some for minerals, you will need a lot after all way to make money. Don’t refer to other strategies to make money by mining. It’s too energy-intensive and very lucky. The probability of gold mines has been adjusted.

Now I feel that the best way to make money in the early stage of 1-3% gold mines should be to go up the mountain to chop bamboo, which doesn’t take too much energy. , You can also eat when you need physical strength in an emergency. Before you go up the mountain, you can buy traps first. The boar pork can be sold for a lot of money. Occasionally go up the mountain to chop bamboo. Don’t buy clothes randomly. If you give the character, you should be fine.

Mission Raiders. Basically, you can follow the quests. Some quests have pre-requisites. For example, you can only fly after completing the Hongying Raiders. In the end, Mrs. Cai first went to the bottom of the map to find the monk and the butcher. The props they gave were very useful. If you have doubts, please refer to other guides.

Before interacting with animals, you have to smoke a cigarette. Ask Bao Long (donkey brother) to make the cigarette. 2 purple North American marijuana + 1 pepper for a cigarette. (less than 5% of the people who cleared the main line completed the donkey branch line)the whole village had to go up the mountain to find the fox in heat 40 pieces (for fishing)

Game skills for VillageRhapsody

  • Go to bed when you run out of energy near your home, and sleep until tomorrow, unless it is a story that only happens at night (Sister-in-Law, Mid-Autumn Festival); if you are far away from the mine or on the mountain, eat to regain your energy
  • You don’t need to buy the 2500 tools sold in the store. After you pass the customs, the blacksmith Feifei has more powerful ones. You don’t need to buy the mine map, but it’s a small amount of money.
  • If you want to go to the mountains or mines but are too lazy to walk, you can find people in the village to shoot, and you can teleport to the mountain if you choose the location
  • If you don’t know what to plant, you can plant potatoes. One seed can restore 120 stamina, and it’s a lot of money to sell. Why don’t you plant them?
  • If you are lazy to water the plants one by one, you will sleep like crazy and wait for the rainy day. The probability of rainy days is not low, and the body feels 30-40%, or you can find a carpenter to make a sprinkler, but that thing is a bit expensive. I only went after clearing the customs.

Make money after customs clearanceAfter the developer list is over, go back to the village. There is a new character, Feifei, who can be used as a strategy. Find her to make a tool. First make a pickaxe to mine. No worries. Find a piece of land to grow potatoes or orchids. In theory, orchids are more efficient to make money, but considering buying seeds The time cost, and the potato can restore physical strength. I think the potato is better and then go to sleep crazy, sleep for four days on a rainy day, and harvest the next day. Repeat the above actions. You can also buy a sprinkler, but I think it is a bit expensive and expensive. It is troublesome to cut materials

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