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Countertide Leviathan Best Build and Team Comp- Aether Gazer

The Leviathan Aether Gazer is a legendary weapon. It is a powerful sniper rifle that can deal massive damage to enemies. The weapon is also equipped with a scope that allows the player to see enemies from a long distance.

The Leviathan Aether Gazer is a very rare weapon, and it can only be obtained by completing a specific challenge. The challenge requires the player to defeat a powerful boss enemy. Once the boss is defeated, the Leviathan Aether Gazer will be dropped as a reward.

The Leviathan Aether Gazer is a very powerful weapon, but it is also very difficult to use. The weapon has a slow rate of fire, and it requires a lot of precision to hit enemies. However, if the player is able to master the weapon, it can be a very deadly weapon.

Stats of the Leviathan Aether Gazer

  • Damage: 150
  • Accuracy: 95%
  • Range: 1000
  • Fire rate: 1 round per second
  • Magazine size: 5 rounds

Skills of Leviathan Aether Gazer

  • Tidal Wave: Countertide Leviathan unleashes a powerful wave that deals damage to all enemies in its path.
  • Ocean’s Embrace: Countertide Leviathan surrounds herself in a protective bubble that absorbs damage and heals her over time.
  • Riptide: Countertide Leviathan sends out a powerful surge of water that knocks back enemies and deals damage.

Strengths of Leviathan Aether Gazer

  • High healing output: Countertide Leviathan’s skills can heal her allies for a significant amount of health.
  • Good damage reduction: Countertide Leviathan’s passive grants her increased damage reduction, making her difficult to kill.
  • Control over the tides: Countertide Leviathan can control the tides to her advantage, using them to slow down her enemies or knock them back.

Best Builds of Leviathan Aether Gazer

There are two main builds for Countertide Leviathan: a healing build and a damage reduction build.

  • Healing build: This build focuses on increasing Countertide Leviathan’s healing output. Items such as the Healing Sigil and the Raging Waves Sigil are essential for this build.
  • Damage reduction build: This build focuses on increasing Countertide Leviathan’s damage reduction. Items such as the Protective Echo Sigil and the Tidal Mastery Sigil are essential for this build.


Countertide Leviathan is a powerful modifier who is a valuable asset to any team. She is a great healer and can also provide significant damage reduction. With the right build, she can be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


The best build for Countertide Leviathan will focus on increasing her damage output and mobility. By using the right skills and items, you can make Countertide Leviathan a very powerful character who can help you take down tough enemies.

If you are looking for a powerful character who can help you take down tough enemies, then Countertide Leviathan is a great option. Be sure to use the best build for her so that you can maximize her potential.

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