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Cities Skylines 2 just got its first performance patch

In the realm of city-building games, few titles have generated as much anticipation as Cities: Skylines II. However, the initial release of this highly awaited sequel was met with a mixed reception, primarily due to its performance issues on PC. While Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order had forewarned fans about potential launch difficulties, the reality of the situation left many players disheartened, resulting in a slew of negative reviews on Steam. Nonetheless, the development team is diligently working to rectify these performance woes, and their first substantial update for Cities: Skylines II is already available.

Unpacking the First Post-Release Patch

The inaugural post-release patch for Cities: Skylines II introduces several optimizations aimed at addressing the game’s performance concerns. While this patch does not entirely resolve all issues, it serves as a promising starting point, effectively transforming the game into something akin to an Early Access title.

Independent Level of Detail (LOD)

One of the standout changes in this update is the decoupling of the Level of Detail (LOD) settings from rendering resolution. This alteration significantly enhances performance consistency, especially when playing at higher resolutions. Players can now enjoy a smoother and more fluid gaming experience without compromising on visual quality.

Fog Optimization

The optimization efforts also extend to fog rendering. By fine-tuning fog-related processes, the development team has managed to reduce performance bottlenecks caused by this atmospheric effect. The result is a more streamlined and immersive gameplay experience.

Depth of Field Enhancements

Depth of Field (DoF) is a visual effect that adds realism and immersion to the game’s graphics. With this update, DoF has undergone extensive tweaking and optimization, striking a balance between visual quality and performance. The improvements in this area ensure that players can enjoy the visual splendor of Cities: Skylines II without experiencing significant performance drops.

Global Illumination Refinements

Global Illumination is another aspect of the game’s visual fidelity that has received attention in this update. Subtle tweaks and optimizations have been implemented, enhancing both the realism and the performance of this lighting system.

Stutter Reduction during Building Spawns

A frequent annoyance in the game involved stutters when buildings would spawn or level up. The development team has managed to optimize this process, resulting in smoother and more fluid city development without the interruptions that plagued the initial release.

General Stutter Optimizations

In addition to the building spawn issue, the patch addresses various stutters encountered across all systems. These optimizations contribute to a more stable and enjoyable gaming experience, irrespective of your hardware configuration.

Bug Fixes

The patch also includes vital bug fixes that were causing crashes in the game. Issues such as crashes after upgrading wind turbines, collisions between cars, and mesh loading problems (primarily affecting low settings) have been addressed, further enhancing the game’s stability.

A Glimpse into the Future

Colossal Order, the developer behind Cities: Skylines II, has provided reassurance to players concerned about the game’s performance issues. They have stated that these problems are not deeply embedded in the game’s core mechanics. Instead, they are primarily related to rendering aspects, such as Depth of Field, Global Illumination, and Volumetrics. Adjusting the quality of these visual effects can significantly boost performance without compromising the simulation aspect of the game.

As we journey through the ongoing development of Cities: Skylines II, it’s evident that there is a lengthy road ahead before the game reaches its optimal state. Nevertheless, the title can take solace in the unwavering support of its dedicated community, many of whom fell in love with its predecessor. Cities: Skylines remains one of the genre’s most beloved games, and Cities: Skylines II is poised to carry that legacy forward.

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In summary, the journey towards optimizing Cities: Skylines II is ongoing, and this initial patch is a promising step in the right direction. With a focus on rendering adjustments and performance enhancements, players can expect an improved gaming experience while still relishing the beauty of this city-building masterpiece. As the developer continues to work tirelessly, supported by a dedicated community, Cities: Skylines II is poised to become a shining gem in the city-building genre.

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