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Cattails: Wildwood Story { Herb Location Guide}

Welcome to the ultimate guide to herbs in the enchanting world of Cattails! In this comprehensive guide, we will divulge the secrets of herb locations and their unique properties. Whether you’re a seasoned feline adventurer or a newcomer to this delightful game, this article is your key to mastering the art of herbology.

Goldenseal: Nature’s Soothing Balm

Description: A green, leafy plant with a red berry. Can be applied to a wound for immediate relief. Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Autumn Rarity: Common Herb.

Goldenseal is your go-to herb when your feline companion finds themselves in a pinch. With its remarkable healing properties, this herb can be applied to wounds, offering instant relief. So, stock up on Goldenseal to ensure your cat’s safety during their adventures.

Valerian: Speed Boost for Swift Escapes

Description: A cluster of pink and white blooms. Increases your movement speed for a short while. Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Autumn Rarity: Common Herb

Valerian is a cat’s best friend when it comes to escaping tricky situations. These delightful blooms grant a temporary boost to your cat’s movement speed, ensuring they can make a swift getaway when needed. Keep an eye out for Valerian during your journeys.

Licorice: Satisfying the Hungry Belly

Description: The roots of this plant may be chewed on for a quick bite. Seasons: Spring and Summer Rarity: Common Herb

When hunger strikes, Licorice comes to the rescue. This herb provides a quick and satisfying snack for your cat. So, gather some Licorice to keep your feline friend content and well-fed during their adventures.

Marigold: Cure and Rejuvenate

Description: A vibrant orange flower atop a green stem. Treats poison and restores a small amount of health at ★★+. Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Autumn Rarity: Uncommon Herb

Marigold is a multifaceted herb, capable of curing poison and restoring your cat’s health. Keep a stash of Marigold handy for moments when your cat encounters adversity.

Lavender: Gain Influence in the Realm

Description: A bunch of purple flowers. Use to gain a small amount of influence in a region. Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Autumn Rarity: Uncommon Herb

Lavender is the key to becoming a respected figure in the feline world. Use it wisely to increase your influence within different regions. A well-placed Lavender can open doors to new opportunities.

Peppermint: Become the Stealthy Stalker

Description: This sharp-smelling leaf can mask the scent of a cat, making tracking prey easier for a time. Seasons: Spring, Autumn, and Winter Rarity: Uncommon Herb

Peppermint is the choice of stealthy hunters. Its sharp scent masks your cat’s natural odor, making it easier to track down elusive prey. Stock up on Peppermint to become a master of stealth.

Snake Lily: Inflict Poisonous Strikes

Description: A noxious purple bloom. Applies a poison effect to your attacks. Seasons: Autumn and Winter Rarity: Uncommon Herb

Snake Lily is a formidable herb for offensive-minded cats. It imbues your attacks with a venomous poison effect, ensuring your prey succumbs swiftly. Add Snake Lily to your arsenal for a deadly advantage.

Daisy: Handle with Caution

Description: A pretty little flower with a vibrant yellow center. Known to be toxic to cats. Be careful while handling! Seasons: Spring and Summer Rarity: Uncommon Herb

Daisy is a deceptive beauty. Though charming, it’s toxic to cats. Handle this herb with care, as it can be harmful. Keep it away from your feline friends to ensure their safety.

Thistle: Master the Art of Swimming

Description: A strand of light blue needles. Improves your swimming for a short time. Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Autumn Rarity: Rare Herb

Thistle is a valuable herb for those who love aquatic adventures. It enhances your swimming skills, allowing you to explore watery realms with ease. When your cat yearns for aquatic escapades, Thistle is the answer.

Catnip: The Feline Delight

Description: A delicious plant with a tempting smell. Liked and valued by almost all cats. Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Autumn Rarity: Rare Herb

Catnip is the ultimate treat for your feline companion. Its irresistible scent delights most cats. Keep a stockpile of Catnip to ensure your cat’s contentment and loyalty.

Queen of the Night: A Mysterious Midnight Bloom

Description: A mysterious flower that only blooms at night. Seasons: All seasons, only at night Rarity: Rare Herb

Queen of the Night is an enigmatic herb that blooms only under the cover of darkness. Its secrets are yet to be fully uncovered, but its mystical properties make it a coveted find.

Foxglove: Unleash Destructive Power

Description: A deadly flower. Apply to your claws to temporarily increase the damage of all your attacks. Seasons: Summer and Autumn Rarity: Legendary Herb

Foxglove is the epitome of power. Apply it to your claws, and your attacks will deal devastating damage. With Foxglove in your possession, your cat becomes a force to be reckoned with.

In conclusion, Cattails’ world is teeming with herbs of various rarities, each with its unique properties. To master the art of herbology and unlock the full potential of your feline adventurer, explore the game world, gather these herbs, and harness their powers to achieve greatness.

Enjoy your Cattails journey, and may your cat thrive in this enchanting realm!

Note: Special thanks to puddie for their excellent guide. All credit belongs to their hard work. If you find this guide helpful, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Happy gaming!

graph TD A[Common] --> B[Uncommon] A --> C[Rare] B --> D[Thistle] B --> E[Catnip] C --> F[Queen of the Night] C --> G[Foxglove]

This diagram illustrates the rarity hierarchy of herbs in Cattails, with Common herbs leading to Uncommon and Rare herbs, each with their unique attributes and applications.

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